Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router

My humble little corner of the intarweb with a neat little woot-off tracker (backed by a guy that ACTUALLY KNOWS PHP!) and bandwidth to spare…

I <3 woot-offs! :smiley:

Oh, and this product kicks ass, whatever it is, so buy all 3 of them. On all 5 of your BoC accounts. Yeah!
(edit: actually, no, it sucks, disregard that. now where are those pricing links?)

Notable Posts:

sirius67 claims these are crap.
mydizzy13 pretty much confirms that: I have one of these…not bad for basic stuff but I wouldn’t put too much through it
strider42 adds to the list of people that hate it…
dsaeger has had no problems with it. If you’re in the market, it’s not a bad deal at all. Hmm, who’s counting?
balt seems to be having the same problems… I returned it after it failed 5 days after I bought it. It would work for about 15 minutes at a time, provided that you had left it unplugged for the previous hour
Johan00 is utterly clueless. Can someone say “BoC”?
prcarp is one to add to the working pile: I have this. Router ok. Works well with Netgear PCMCIA wireless adapter for notebook. Not much else. WEP encryption would not work for me.
Redhead7515 shows the Falcon some love! :smiley:
mike240se knows how to get the Bag o’ Crap! Unfortunately for him, Woot runs Windows and IIS, not *nix :slight_smile:
zyclon has more info on how utter crap this is (but who could argue the price without rebates?): [(secret? dude, is not secret…)
wesdapilot is a [url=]disgrace to the intelligence level required for aviation](]Frys has these referbz for $19…the wizard software that comes with it is crap, i could only set it up by going to the netgear website to get the “secret” router address to access it with my browser, the wireless portion drops connection[/url)… seriously dude, ADWARE. Threw your router in the garbage?

(Holy dogshit batman! My woot-off tracker is taking a huge hit… I need to work on cleaning up that code!)

i already have one of this, and I wouldnt want another one of these.

Whoa! Look! A flying monkey!

Too bad I just got a router on black friday. :frowning:

Dam these trackers showing whats up next for a couple of seconds before Woot displays it.

New woot tracker!

yuck another router

Is this router crap?

Yep now that everyone is waking up for the next 40 hours or so the boards will be filled with "lames, retarded, useless, next, crap, etc. and the first page of every new woot will be full of “1st”. Makes it hard to find out usefull info on the products. Wish they would only let people who have bought at least one thing during the woot off be able to get the bag o crap. That way I would have a chance. lol

Note: Pricing info has been reposted here for future reference, because it is generally no longer available elsewhere once we’ve moved onto the next Woot.

Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router
$15.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router

Long live the WOOT-OFF !!!


I have one of these…not bad for basic stuff but I wouldn’t put too much through it

nah, i have one now, and have a backup, dont need 3! :slight_smile:

this looks like a good deal…

Autorefreshing woot!-checker

thats what woot needs. MORE ROUTERS

even more porn time!!!

Blaaaaa!!! Refurb!!!

I hope this goes quick. I’m pretty amazed mp3 players sell so fast. I’m sure every woot-er must have at least 5…

I wanted a glider?

you forgot to mention you were going to post this in every single thread until you pass out at your keyboard.

A lot of people already have routers granted, but if you’re in the market for you can’t beat this price!