Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router

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come on woot


ah hell

the quantities are wrong on this…

aren’t they?

they certainly don’t match the other two trackers that were active last nite… ?

first post (no really, this is my first post.)




Netgear sucks

So very very cold…

I just bought one of these from Fry’s the other day for $25… works great for a cheapass wireless router.

Thank me.

lower priced item, so should sell out quicker

Oh what to watch next, so far through this Woot off, I’ve watched Blazing Saddles and Emperors New Groove, Now what?

er…how do you refirb one of these simple things??? On another note, I have one of these and it works great. Have it set up on basement level and other levels in my home pick up signal great.

LOL…I was hoping for a router. I wanted one to replace my current POS router, which happens to be this one.

i bought one of these in august and it worked for about two months. then the networking (wan Port) would randomly drop connections.

It’s going quick…


this ones going fast, cant wait to see whats next

/first woot-off