Netgear Wireless G USB Adapter

List price $60 for wireless G adapter?

When? In the year 2000?


So, where’s my Jakks Action Cam?

Probably more like 2006… but yeah, that seems a bit off.

Wow,you nailed it on the date !!

What a piece of crap!!!

Lol that actually went through

Intentional exaggeration.

I don’t suppose I could use this for an Xbox to connect it to my wireless network?

Woot is getting rid of their junk. Even N band is outdated. The newest band is AC.


Woot monkey over on Kids:

can get a wireless n adapter all day long and even on sunday for 12 bucks shipped…woot, stay off the promenthazine and codine would ya?

Thinking about getting one, but I need to get one at a store and buy it with cash. Plug it into my laptop at a place where they have free wifi, and BAM! Complete anonymity.

Wow, this P.O.S. doesn’t even support WPA – it’s WEP only! Should be damn-near illegal to power-up!

Actually, I don’t know why Chambers doesn’t dump these on West Virginia at $60/pop himself.

wooter since 2005 here…bring on the bag of crap already… woohoo!


Bought one of theese YEARS ago and never got it to work.

Really must be cleaning out the cobwebs to find this old useless JUNK!

Best iMaps route ever.

W00T W00T



I consider this e-waste, in fact I have 2 G USB adapters that I will sell to you $5 for both.

Damn ! sold out ! people are gullible