Netgear Wireless-N Wi-Fi Range Extender

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Netgear Wireless-N Wi-Fi Range Extender
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4 Stars over at Best Buy

$24.99 free shipping on Amazon for re-furb.

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I have this exact model. Overall I am not impressed. It needed constant resets and was not a reliable connection. I ended up ditching this one for a different model and I am much happier because my kids aren’t constantly asking me to reset it. Do not buy unless you want headaches

For $10 more, Amazon has a Linksys extender that supports 802.11ac. It’s currently $35.69 (usually $160).

I have the same model too, and I also had a problem with having to re-set it.

But I solved that by getting a cheap wall-socket timer that turns it off-then-back-on every night at oh-dark-thirty.

Since I did that, it works great for me, no problems at all.

Note, it only has max 100Mbps ethernet. So while you can connect to an 802.11n router, you will not reach max 802.11n speeds, period.

Something to consider before you buy. You will get not better than 100Mbps throughput. If your whole intent is standard internet usage, chances are you won’t hit that (though that’s slowly changing in the US). If you’ll be doing a lot of file transfers and the like over your LAN, you may want to reconsider.

Almost left off a note. If you’re using it only as a range extender and NOT as a bridge, you can hit 300Mbps. My note above is ONLY if you’re using it as a bridge (which I suspect is the most typical use).

Is this device a modem and a wireless combo?

Not a modem at all. It can function as a bridge (you connect it to an access point/router wirelessly, and via ethernet to your non-wireless device), or can be used as a range extender (you connect it to your access point/router wirelessly, place it at a midway point between your AP/router and the place that doesn’t get signal, and then it “re-broadcasts” the signal).

It does no modem/routing functions.

Seems like a common theme at Amazon, stops working. Nearly as many 1-star reviews as 5-star. Sketchy product.

BTW, I used the same (cheap-timer) solution for an old router. Works great.

I paid $15 for a refurb about six to eight months ago. I also have the reset issue, but only once every few weeks. Minor inconvenience for the price I paid and having good wireless throughout a 2.5 story house.

I have to echo the above reviews. I bought this around 2 years ago. For the first 6 months it worked pretty well, with only occasional resets needed. However, as time went on there were more and more resets needed and it got to the point that I decided to replace it with a Belkan range extender. I thought at first my issues were firmware related, but an update of the firmware did not improve performance.

Question for the masses: I have Comcast cable with a netgear router and a motorola surfboard modem. Between the time the kids get home from school and go to bed we lose connection on average two times every single day. I unplug the router, wait about two minutes, and we’re back in business. The router is about two years old. What would you do to solve this headache?

From what I’m reading, the product you linked to is not a wifi extender. It connects to your router through wifi to receive data, but only connects to other devices by cable

Too bad, i could use an AC wifi range extender

Woot had the WD MyNet 600 for $24 smackers; add OpenWRT on it and you have a FAR more capable device. Range extender, add a usb drive and you get a NAS, backhaul a 2.4G guest network on a 5G inter-router setup, add tinyproxy for a proxy server, add Strongswan and you’ve got an IPSec VPN server… the list goes on.

Available all over ebay cheaper and with free shipping

What version is this? 1, 2, or 3?

My cable company (Comcast) issues wireless routers for “FREE”. I have my new one right here. So you might want to check with your local company.

just saying …