Netgear Wireless-N Wi-Fi Range Extender

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Netgear Wireless-N Wi-Fi Range Extender
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New


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Review over at PC Mag

can have a discount?

Only if these were at these prices several years ago…

Bought this last time it went around… at 29.99
Never could get it to work… very frustrating… and no satisfaction trying to return it. =(

Bought one last time it was offered, March, didn’t work, would not link up with my existing wi-fi. Returned and did get my money back. Don’t think I’ll try again.

Thanks for the message on it not working. I have tried at least 4 different range extenders so far and not one of them has worked. even when they connect, I get worse reception, not better. I tried them with various different routers as well. All they seem to do is mess up the existing signal. I was going to try again with this one. Thanks for saving me a purchase and disappointment.

Currently 18.99 on Amazon with free shipping on orders over 35.00. Not exactly a deal Woot.

edit- My mistake. That one is a refurb and this one is new.

also, there is no minimum order for Amazon prime members with free shipping.

I’m pretty sure these are the wireless range exenders they use in hell.

I had a similar experience until I purchased a Securifi Almond range extender/router. It’s pricey, but works and is simple to set up.

Thanks for the comments on how it appears to be hard to get it to work. I’ve tried using a different model, only to return it and go with two routers. I’ll skip this.

I use an older Netgear wifi extender in my house and initially I had the same issues as others mention here. The vast majority of my wifi problems went away when I changed the settings on my main wireless router for the channel selection - standard settings called for the router to automatically select what it thinks is the best channel (and it switches by itself if/when it senses signal problems). I manually set it to remain on a single channel (11 in my case).

What appears to have happened is that when my main router was flipping between channels (due to variable interference with wireless phones, cell phones, microwave oven, etc.), my extender wouldn’t keep up and it would lose its connection. Now that it’s set to a single channel the extender connects to the main router and stays connected.

Food for thought.

I bought one at Best Buy about 2 years ago. That was at more than double the price.
I love it. I have it connected to my Verizon jet pack and the main reason I bought it was to have hard wired ethernet capability with my wireless jetpack.

I use this at home and at the office for backup Internet.
With my jet pack and the extender, I can literally unplug my network from the back of my Comcast modem and plug that into the extender (wirelessly connected to my jetpack) - wiat a few moments and my whole network is up and running.

I have also connected this to my netgear router and it works great.

:::Voice of Forest Gump:::
And that’s all I have to say about that.

PS. I’m in for three!

I am sorry to hear of your troubles linking the Wi-Fi extenders to you Wi-Fi router. I bought this model over 4 years ago and payed full OEM price. (I believe it was around $60) If it stopped working I wouldn’t hesitate in looking for this same model again. True it didn’t self configure, but that was because of how I had set-up my network. I am a technician (of sorts) so it wasn’t that hard to figure out, but I can see it would be complicated for my parents (or anyone without knowledge of how their network was set-up.

An important thing to know BEFORE trying to set-up one of these… This is and “extender” to you existing Wi-Fi. If you don’t currently have a Wi-Fi network this will NOT give you one. When I first got this, I lived heer a Wifi hot spot, but the signal level was low and intermittent. After setting this up, I was able to access the free hotspot without any problems.

Can I hardwire into this from my router to then use as a WIFI hot spot and switch? I already have a network cable strung to the far end of the house. Can I plug in that cable to this device and use it more reliably that picking up the edge of WIFI and rebroadcasting it? THANKS