Netgear WPN111 RangeMax Wireless-G MIMO USB 2.0 Adapter

I was about to get this Woot, but then I took a look at NewEgg and saw this:

For $10 more, and free shipping at the moment, you get the same sort of thing, except with better reviews and new. I think I will go with the latter.

Got one of these in the woot-off and used it to connect an old (3-years) Dell desktop to my network from the basement. Works just fine. Here’s the link to where I downloaded the software, drivers and manual:

Odd and vague question, but my city has wireless broadband in certain areas as a monthly payment sort of thing. Would this work for this sort of thing to improve the signal?

I bought a couple of these back before xmas, I set it up on my old (and I mean old) laptop for the kids to use, works great and now they have no excuse to get on my laptop at all.

Bought one last time it was offered. I wasn’t impressed.

Anyone know the tranfer rate of these? I mean the older Wireless Networks were 54Mbs right? I have a 108Mbs. What kind of transfer rate could I expect?

Oh could you guys put the [ url ][ /url ] without the spaces in the brackets, for us lazy lookers who don’t want a bunch of unknown sites cluttering our F4 history please? :wink:

You may ask yourself, “So what do I do with it?”

I am sorry I wasted my money on one of these. The software is terrible and does not work on a network with WPA security. The netgear forums are full of people struggling with these.

Bought one of these and it worked so well I now use it as a small dust collecting paper weight

would this be good to connect my slingbox to my wireless network?

I have one and it is alright. It has a very hard time connecting to B routers. If it is a G router with encryption and you have the code, it works well, and is fast. I have yet to successfully connect to an unsecure G network. So you win some you lose some, when it works it is great.

Ok everyone PLEASE forgive me. What IS this?!?!

I need something so my laptop can connect to the internet without being plugged in. Would this be what I need or is this just something to enhance the signal? I am confused …

Anybody know if it works with Windows XP 64 bit?
Not sure why I decided to go with that OS, but here I am, stuck with a wireless bridge to connect to my router which means I have to rob my xbox of wireless :frowning:

I would probably buy it to try out if it were only $10 not $15 (don’t quote that to correct the price - I included shipping cost.)

Hey woot, find a real wireless USB dongle that has a driver for a Mac (and preferably supports packet injection! :P) and I’m sold.

Till then, you can keep the Netgear junk

If you want to be able to connect your computer without an RJ-45(ethernet) wire you need to have a wireless router, not one of these.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

works great in my 2 story house for my kids laptop. Not ment for gaming though.

I purchased one for a dollar less a while back. I was disappointed in the fact I need to install software to run it and it was only accessible through the internet; catch 22. I troubleshoot PC’s and fix them, it’s what I do and this hadn’t really helped me. Used it for a while on my desktop and found that it would overheat quite often and just stop working. Even on my laptop it would overheat. Of course, I’m pulling constant speeds of 6Mb/s from the network but i would expect it to keep up with that.

Unless you need something to plug into your laptop on occasion and will not have it transmitting large files, I suggest it. Otherwise, stay clear.

I got a similar Netgear adapter for use with our Tivo from a previous Woot. Reception was mediocre, then after about 10 months it died completely. So much for “refurbished”. Ended up replacing it with the Tivo-branded adapter which gets 100% signal strength and is significantly faster.

I recommend staying away from this.

There are known issues with the cable included with this product. I thought mine had died, but it turned out that removing the cable and plugging directly into a USB port solved the problem. I had to call tech support and go through a bunch of other things before they let me in on that little piece of information, though.