Netgear WPN511 RangeMax 802.11g MIMO Notebook Adapter



lol wootcast is from wootoff


Theme for wooting off???


So is this for Wi-Fi or do you have to have a subscription to a wireless service?


Refurbished no drivers if you only have one computer is a nightmare. You need the driver to get on-line to download the drivers.

Cheap price is VERY nice if you have another system or a friend to burn them on to media for you.


Rats. I need 1 for Visa.


uhh … it’s wi-fi, 802.11g with some semi-advanced features


Listen to the wootcast- it’s from the 15th


My laptop doesn’t have a slot for this. I see fewer and fewer card slots in laptops these days.


Hey… Vista is not mentioned in the description… Do you think it will work with vista?


True, but chances are if you are purchasing something from w00t, you have a connection to the internet.


A wootoff on sellout? Thats weird! I love the woot off song though!




According to support, there is a driver for Vista as of Oct 18, 07.


Well I’d hope so, Yet doesn’t mean you have the ability to burn or transfer drivers.


works with linux…ubuntu 7.10 and mint 4.0…
plug and play…


great woot for tuesday… don’t you agree?.. love netgear gear… and here’s useful linkage w/ CSE links… they’re usually reasonably useful…


Bought one for my Dad. He just got a Netgear G Mimo router and was looking for one, heh.


netgear is good (thats all I use at home) but this is old technology…I guess if you have a notebook built before the turn of the century…Who buys a laptop without builtin wifi? Or better yet you wont be able to take it to your next laptop because all the current stuff (for a while now) is PC ExpressCard built on the PCIE technology since newer systems no longer user the PCI bus.