NetReset Automated Power Cycler

what if my modem is really far from my router?

Maybe you would need a loooooooong power cord?

Or, you could obtain a non-crappy modem and router.
The number of times I’ve had to power cycle my modem/router is maybe once a year. At most.

my modem is not even in my house. i’m in an apartment building with bundled internet service, so all i have access to is an ethernet jack in the wall.

i guess i could just cycle the router and ignore the modem? but then i don’t need something this fancy

This device is essential for Comcast customers.

However it is more of a luxury item for most other service providers.

Better would be to get the actual problem fixed, such as updating firmware against remote exploits, disallowing remote reconfiguration, changing the default password, replacing faulty leased hardware with working hardware, either leased or self-owned.

That said, this could also mitigate problems with cable boxes and tuning adapters that decide to go wonky, especially after remote firmware updates that leave the configured-to-be-always-on cable box in an off state. The router power could be used to power a custom circuit that sends the power-on IR remote signal to the cable box. I’d have snapped one of these up a decade or so ago for that very purpose (up until they installed the “mystro” software in the cable box, making it completely useless with TiVos that didn’t have time-padding).