NetSecure SmartSwipe Credit Card Reader

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NetSecure SmartSwipe Credit Card Reader
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 NetSecure SmartSwipe Credit Card Reader

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We need to buy something…so we can buy something?

Lots of reviews on Buzzillions. 4 star average.



Perhaps I won’t have woot save my credit card information anymore…

Bag of Crap here I come!

Only works with IE

Can I Woot with this?

Does this allow you to write card information onto blank cards that are swiped?

will this work with a work computer that has all sorts of firewalls up and a nosey I.T. department?

Readdin iz herd…

Will this help me get a Bag of Crap during a Woot Off.

In for 1

Make a good christmas gift for an Old person.

Watching the product video I have realized something…THERE ARE PEOPLE TRAPPED IN MY COMPUTER!

Description says: Supports Firefox 3.6 or up and Internet Explorer 6 and up

So someone’s wrong…

No, it will slow you down (assuming you know what you’re doing).

does it work with a mac?

Wow! Just today, my daughter was asking me if Santa was gonna bring her a SmartSwipe Credit Card Reader! SCORE!!!