NetSecure SmartSwipe Credit Card Reader

I would buy this but I’m too lazy to type my Credit Card information in…

Sorry, but it doesn’t.

I normally only check shirt.woot when midnight rolls around, but the thumbnail of this caught my eye. I was intrigued, but disappointed to find that it was not a trophy for a virtual football league.

Here’s a couple YouTube reviews/adverts/“news stories”:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

You people know that Federal law limits any fraudulent charges to you to $50? Meaning if you report your card lost or stolen, you are liable for only up to $50, and the card company has to figure out where to get the rest.
Loss of your credit card numbers is really not a big deal. If you see any charges you dont recognize on your account simply call your credit card company and tell them. Chances are they will not charge you a dime.

Also, I dont see how this device is even supposed to work! It seems like all it does is stop YOU from seeing your credit card numbers in plaintext on YOUR computer screen. It doesn’t stop the vendor from getting the numbers, right? Cause otherwise how would the vendor charge you for what you are purchasing?

If anyone else was curious as to how the thing works exactly…here you go:

I prefer the Dora the Explorer version of this version…

—Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping!
—Oh, maaaan!

Vamonos! :slight_smile:

Will this work with any website that asks for credit card information or only certain sites?

Let’s hope the SmartSwipe company can stay in business forever. When they fall, these devices will be bricks.

What a useless item. You let me down woot. Who is retarded enough to buy this? All credit card processing on the internet is already encrypted. If a hacker wants your card #, he’ll get it. The only person who wont be able to see the card # on the computer is the user. DUMB ITEM! Whats next woot- invisible ink??

Can I order this by C.O.D. & then pay for it using the card reader when it gets here?

Ok, maybe it is me at 1am being slow at thinking, or I just don’t get it… Can someone explain in simple words how under the blue moon this thing works???

Does it require that a web site be compatible with this machine, so it will limit me to only those who bought in?

Does it just fill in the blanks for me?

Does it intercept the web traffic and when it sees a credit card input page it takes over and inserts the numbers after I submit… but wait… what if the page is SSL encrypted? Isn’t it not supposed to be able to mess with that???


I’m lost a bit, I guess…

Hell yeah! I was hoping for a cool trophy for my space-football league!

Thanks, woot! in for three!

Here’s a review on the NetSecure SmartSwipe Credit Card reader from igadget!

This is like the chicken and the egg, how am I supposed to buy this thing if I don’t already have one?


one of the most stupid invention. Paypal work better.

Entering my credit card information has always been so incredibly difficult, such a major hurdle to overcome, that this will be a welcome relief! Ah, the burden of typing 16 numbers is gone forever! Swiping, here I come!

Nah, actually, I’m too lazy to type in my credit card info to order it.

Interesting idea, but the one time use virtual credit card number service offered with many credit cards makes this … redundant. Sure its an extra step to go visit a website and generate a virtual card number, but it’s also free.

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