Networkin' It Out

The description doesn’t make sense. It keeps saying to plug your devices into the bridge to get wireless.


Someone please explain???

This one?

This Ethernet Bridge is letting you get wireless connection for devices that aren’t wireless. It also gives you Internet access where your router signal might not reach.

So, say your router is downstairs and you have a Internet-ready Blu-ray player upstairs but the wireless signal doesn’t reach.

You can set up this bridge and plug your Blu-ray player via Ethernet into it.

The Bridge will talk to your router.

Did that make sense?

I suppose it does, as a patch for older technology, presuming in your example that the AC bridge unit somehow fixes the fact that the downstairs router signal doesn’t reach the blueray. And unless the downstairs router is also AC then putting an AC unit upstairs is a waste, particularly if the intent is to hard wire it to the blueray. IIRC any wireless router back to at least B can be set up as a bridge or repeater. I’ll wait for a good deal on a combo Powerline/Wireless AC setup.

It did to me TT!

I have two routers, an old B that I’ve had for years, and a brand new Asus AC gigabyte that I bought to replace another B that died a couple of months ago. None of my AV equipment is AC so I had to run a cable around baseboards (ugh!) to a four port, gigabyte switch. Fortunately the rooms are next to each other. It appears that the WD AC bridge would bring ethernet to my Blu-Ray, my receiver, my TV and my AV computer and I could put the cable back in storage. Pretty cool if it works as they say.

I need a router that will allow me to create a local/ad-hoc Wi-Fi network to connect my tablet as a wireless MIDI/OSC controller when I’m on the go at live performances. Having a USB powered device is great for mobility.

Will this device do the trick?

Bought the N600 on Woot a few weeks ago and its been great! Price is unbeatable.

I purchased this and I cannot see my wireless network. (Netgear R6250 5ghz AC) After a few emails between western digital and myself, they can’t seem to figure it out either.