Networking Extravaganza

I’m thinking of ordering the WD My Net N750 HD router to use as a second router in a room with poor reception from my main router, a Linksys E4200. It’s got good specs for $20 and I like its features.

However I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews about how it drops connections or slows to a crawl, and has to be rebooted often. A lot of those issues could be due to people not knowing how to set up this router properly, though.

My other choice would be a TP-Link TL-841N, which has generally positive reviews and is a bit cheaper, but also has lesser specs, and lacks 5Mhz and USB and gigabyte ports, which the WD has (which I don’t REALLY need, but would be nice to have).

Any recommendations between the two?

Linksys RE4000W - Exact same price refurbished for an Amazon Prime customer. So with the shipping Woot is charging more.

I got the WD N750 from woot about 3 months ago and it works great! I use it to run my pcs as well as stream Netlix and Hulu...I DID update the firmware as soon as I hooked it up,which may explain why I have had good results,while others have not.The update is available on Wds website.

I need to get a new router but I don’t know which ones will work with Windstream provider (yes I got DSL consider where I live at can’t get the cable company) and it is not hard to set up (I’m not much of a computer geek now)? I recently got a modem thur them but I can’t seem to get my old router to work with it so I thought about getting a new router to go with it (consider it is pretty old router). I see these are on sale so I was wonder which ones will work on Windstream provider and not hard to set up without calling Windstream. I call them before when I wanted to set the new modem with my old router and they never could get it to work with it unless they come out to work on the computer and charge me money for to do that too (it is funny my computer is pretty recently now). Thanks for the help :).

I am on Windstream and the WD n750 works perfectly.

I bought the Linksys 24 port to put in my home rackmount unit last time it was on sale… it works very well.

I ended up ordering the N750 and got it yesterday.

I set it up as a 2nd router to extend my main router’s wired & wireless reach to another room, where WiFi is poor and wired non-existent.

I connected the two via Ethernet cable plugged into a free LAN port on each router. I gave the N750 a unique IP address on the main router’s subnet, disabled DHCP, and rebooted it.

So far it’s worked well, giving me decent wired and WiFi signals in the room it’s set up in.

I’m just wondering about a setting in the advanced page of its browser-based configuration interface, under the “Device Mode” section.

Right now it’s set up as a “Router”, even though I’m using it as a wired/WiFi access point. There’s an option to set it as an “Extender”, which is what I think I’m supposed to set it to, but I’m leery of fixing what’s already working.

Any idea what the “Extender” setting is for, and whether I have to change how it’s connected to the main router if I select it, e.g. plug the cable into the N750’s WAN instead of LAN port?