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Networking != Wireless
Wireless is a subset of networking

Come on, I need a 16+ port gigabit switch.

WD website says that theWDBKSP0010BCH-VESN has a 2 year warranty but the listing on Woot says 6 months?

Per the features:

Note: This item is new in condition and has never been previously used. As part of setting up this sale and hitting an aggressive price point, the warranty on this sale has been reduced to 6 months vs. WDs typical 12 month warranty period for this product

well that didn’t work out for me! The MyBook Essential that I just bought is not recognized by my computer nor my husband’s. So much for that purchase!

Sorry for the problem. You might contact Western Digital to see if they can help you troubleshoot it.

Thank you for the clarification on this. Too bad that doesn’t work for me.

I’m a little confused by what you’re trying to state here. Does this statement refer to these refurbished items. All I see is refurbs. Where is the new storage units? I must have missed something or it isn’t displaying for me.

It’s the WD WDBKSP0010BCH-VESN My Net N900 Central HD Dual Band Wireless Router - 1TB

This rather defeats the purpose of buying a discounted external hard drive in a case, but you can try purchasing a USB to SATA converter like this Cable Matters dock from the mothership.

Pull apart the WD case, put the HDD in the ‘toaster’ adapter, and see if anything happens.

If not, hit your Windows button, type “Computer Management”, hit Enter. A window will pop up. Look along the left side for “Disk Management”. Plug in the toaster adapter, unplug, see if anything new pops up that you can reformat.

If that doesn’t work, sorry, you bought a refurbished item that was almost certainly returned as defective, and you probably intended to use it to back up your critical, can’t lose data. Turns out it really is broken.

I was all over the external hard drive deals on Woot until I thought about that for a moment.

I bought a WD MyBook from best buy and will never do it again. After dropping almost a TB of information on it (it had run fine for 3 months)home videos, photos, etc because my computer hard drive had died…the MB stopped being recognized in any computers. I sent it off to get it repaired, and they say it’s impossible - and that something (electrical) inside the actual harddrive must have failed. I don’t know the details I just know that I lost a TB of information trusting WD. Fortunately I had some of the things already backed up on my seagate drives for years, so it wasn’t all lost.