Networking Ventures

Do not buy the Belkin N900. I purchased it about 2 years ago and it is junk. Tech support consists of waiting in queue for 20 minutes and being told to change the wifi channel. (Even if you called a day ago for the same issue…)

I have to agree with what was posted about Belkin routers, avoid them. Also, as much as I like Western Digital hard drives, forget buying their routers too. They’ve given up on that whole product line because they just couldn’t get it right. Too bad, as features-wise they sound great, but in actual use they just don’t work reliably, and there won’t be any firmware updates coming to fix the issues…

Again, I really wish you’d just start shipping everything USPS. I just received the router and bridge that I ordered on the 18th! That’s super fast. The sheets that shipped out the same day through UPS aren’t looking to arrive until next Thursday. The last two things you’ve shipped to me through the postal service have arrived super fast while FedEx and UPS take much, much longer.

Ordered and received 2 of the N750 WD routers. Added first Openwrt and then Gargoyle. Wow. The range blows away my old wireless. Came back and ordered 2 more.