Networks: No Longer In The Future

While they may seem attractive in price, I have had some experience with these western digital routers (on the service side in customer’s homes) and find it hard to suggest them to anyone. They are picky about the connected operating systems on a good day and intermittent regardless on a bad. I remain a steadfast Western Digital hard drive fan, but suggest you steer clear of their networking products.

My experience as well, fussy and intermittent. I use this as a wifi extender - when it is working. While not an IT professional, I know my way around a bit - and have found other products have more stable. Net, don’t waste your $20.

I got the n600 and it’s worked great right out of the box. Range is kinda weak but the connection has been perfect and the DLNA feature of the attached hard drive was something I didn’t even expect. I hooked up an el cheepo hard drive that i had lying around, put a bunch of movies on it and BAM! Now I’m streaming movies on my ROKU Not bad for $20 and some spare parts.

On a side note, why when I try to use the word “l a m e” in a post does it replace it with the word “snow”? Try it. it’s weird.

Are any of these compatible with DD-WRT? I have been in the market for a new router, and if one of these could run it well…

Computers talking to computers? No good can come of this.

Hi - do you have a recommendation? Thanks!

I have two of the MyNet 600 units converted to OpenWRT Barrier Breaker (latest). It’s not a perfect answer to your question but if OpenWRT runs (and it runs well - no instability noticed) I’m thinking that DD WRT is a good bet.

Second this. I have several (since I can only buy two a day, I will get more …) running OpenWRT. Most have been up for several months. One runs an NFS server for streaming movies. WD should have just sold blank hardware. They are well thought out: have a power button, a WPS button (which you can repurpose), every LED is controllable in software, there is a header with a serial port inside.

You’ve been on Woot since 2005 and you’ve never noticed the filters before?

Relating to the WD WDBMRD0000NBL MyNet Wireless-AC Wi-Fi Ethernet Bridge. Can you hook into the Ethernet port and will this become a AC 5ghz router or do you already need a wireless router for this to work?

Newegg reviews seem to indicate that purchasing the 1TB router is a lottery - you either get a good one or you get a blinky one that has hardware fails: Newegg reviews

Happy gambling!

I ordered the WD N750 dual band router on Thursday and it arrived yesterday(yes Sunday delivery) and I didn`t pay any extra for special delivery…you cannot beat that service…I am going to hook it up today…I hope all the nay sayers are wrong about its connectivity/reliability…and how many of those reviewers tried a firmware update for the router which addresses all their problems… I guess I will soon find out.I do a lot of video streaming now that I have a Roku on one tv and a streaming bluray player on another.My current router is a 6 or 7 year old “G” series Belkin…which has struggled with streaming.This Western Digital HAS to be an improvement.

Did you try a firmware upgrade ??I think not.