Neurona OpticHD 1080P 12MP Video Recording Eyewear

This does not work for me. I sent an email to woot support and they refund me without asking questions.

It is my fault not reading the description closely. Thanks Woot!

Hi, I downloaded the app but can’t get it to connect. Other than following the instructions, did you do anything else?

Also, 8 bought these knowing WiFi wasn’t a working feature but would be nice if I can get it to work as well.

Anyone else still waiting on theirs to ship?

I see no mention of audio, just video - what are you using them for? I bought with little to no knowledge of video so not sure what can really be done with these.

Hi there. Please feel free to reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I did reach out to customer service and got a standard reply of you’ll receive updated tracking once it ships.

Ok, I’m going to reach out to CS and see what’s up and they’ll be in contact with you soon.

You have to reset the WiFi password, then connect the phone to the Wifi network of the glasses using the default password. The app should work then.

So using the action cam app, can you stream live video? And the video it captures has audio correct? Can you take still photos? Thanks

Mine does have wireless with app linked above, and found manual at It’s hard to read, but has wifi instructions on page 6 and reset tips at end.

If anybody comes upon this thread because they got these for Christmas or something, here is the deal (as far as I can tell). The wifi on these glasses doesn’t really work with the app that they tell you to download. Apparently that’s the reason they don’t purport these glasses to be wifi capable in the description. The app just hasn’t been kept up. There is an app if you’re using an iPhone as opposed to an android. Its called ActionCam100 and if you download that you can use the wifi. To use the wifi, disconnect from the wifi that you’re connected to, and connect to the OpticHD network. You will see this in your list of available networks if you have the glasses turned on and the wifi switched to “on.” The password to connect to this network is 12345678 unless and until you change it via the app. So essentially your phone is not connected to the internet, but rather connected to the glasses. Open the app up and if you click the play button, your glasses will start recording. You can also turn off that time stamp by clicking on that little clock/camera icon you see in your video. The only thing I’m not sure of yet is if that timestamp is now removed from your videos if you’re using it in regular non-wifi mode. Hopefully it is but I haven’t checked that yet. Hope this helps anyone out there that got these glasses for a steal and wants to get as much out of them as possible.

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Great, now I have to go change all my passwords now that you’ve told it everyone.

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I did find that if you remove the timestamp in the ActionCam 100 app, the timestamp is removed from any video you make when NOT on wifi as well.