Neurona OpticHD Full HD Wi-Fi Sunglasses

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Neurona OpticHD Full HD Wi-Fi Sunglasses
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FINALLY I can record my precious moments at the strip club and watch them again later.

I bought a Big Mac today on sale for $4.00, marked down from $20.00. It was a steal just like this!

Where were these when Roy Orbison could have used them?

“OpticHD” Huh?


No mention here or on manufacturer site regarding anything about eye protection.

Visible light transmission?
Lens material shatter resistance?
Lens color?

You couldn’t GIVE me these to use as “sunglasses”.

The pic on Amazon has “100% UV Protection” but it looks sketchy. I agree with oldlostsoul on this one…

Here’s the video mentioned in the Amazon review:


You get a full hour & 20 minuets of battery life, so choose your ‘precious moments’ wisely.


Hey there, these are 100% UV Protected and the lenses are plastic, which makes them shatter resistant.


[QUOTE=aarond12, post:8, topic:716648]
Here’s the video mentioned in the Amazon review:


The outdoor video did look pretty good and the sound quality was better than expected. The guy doing the review said you need good lighting, so not great indoors in normal lighting.

Also, it breaks recordings up in 3 minute chunks which isn’t a bad thing in my book.

If I still had a need to record my kid’s soccer game, I’d be in for one.

When I went on Amazon and plugged in Neurona Sunglasses, I got 0 hits, so how can there be a 4 star Amazon review for a product they don’t carry?
Also, when recording, does the red light above the bridge of your nose come on? That would make it really stupid for personal interactions.

OK, I did too and got this:

Still not gonna get them

Does anyone know if what it records is straight compared to what you see or is it offset which means you have aim them correctly to record what you are trying to?

Hey all. The manual is linked in the specs.

That may answer a lot of your questions.

The camera is positioned in center of the frame slightly above the eyeline. Watch the video to get a better idea but I think that it is pretty much what you see is what you get.