Neurona OpticHD Full HD Wi-Fi Sunglasses

I really feel like these are more like spy glasses than anything except they’re not very stealth. I guess you could act like they’re broken and MacGyver something to cover up the lens there… does anyone know anything about this sound on these and the battery life says 45 minutes with the WiFi on 80 minutes without the Wi-Fi. Is this just on time or is this recording time? How much recording time can you get from the battery and can a second battery be purchased in charged?

Also, are these weather resistant or water-resistant? There are action cams that are GoPro rip offs that are around this price… Any idea on software compatibility and what software streams to a an android or ios phone or a tablet which could be a mictosoft surface, or a windows tab, or a kindle fire… do you need to have something like Miracast on everything you’re using all of the devices I mean?