Neuros 442 40GB Portable Media Player


[imgleft][/imgleft]Welcome to the Neuros 442 40GB Portable Media Player topic page for Thursday, September 08, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.
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Thanks for taking part in this Woot launch event. We’re joined in this discussion by Neuros CEO JoeBorn along with fellow Neuros staff members ClnD, Stirwen, and Tartz - their word is law.

We also have a beta tester or two on hand, which is helpful since nobody in the general public has ever used the 442.

REMEMBER: Although our listed price for this item is $399.99, Neuros offers a $70 rebate for an end price of $329.99. Instead of the rebate, purchasers can opt for a free Neuros Video Recorder I.

Discussion highlights:

[list][]Review on page 10
]Review on page 2
[]Neuros wiki link
]Audio q&a post
[]Bug q&a post
]Personal video players like the 442 vs. other types of media devices
[]What is the Recorder I (which you can opt for instead of the rebate)?
]How does the 6-month return program work with the rebate?[/list]

From Neuros:
“We like our community and testers to be candid. The only way we are going to succeed in the highly competitive world we’re walking (running?) in is to have a strong, smart, motivated, and candid community that provides us the feedback we need to stay out front…”

“You can start by giving us your feedback as a gamma user when the survey comes available in two weeks (you’ll need to do this anyway to get the rebate). Our beta testers are drawn from among the most active and technically adept of our gamma group.”

Here’s more on how to join the Neuros community and get involved in their process.


Awesome Product!
I am a beta tester for this company, and let me tell you this is one sweet device. I have been testing this baby for more than a month…and it has been great. I have about 15 movies on it right now and still have like 23 gigs left. You can also watch at least two movies on each battery charge… I have to admit that Neuros has released some sketchy products in the past, but this is not one of them…excellent!

I am not trying to advertise, but I love this thing. If anyone has any questions about this bad boy…I will be up for a while…so feel free to Instant Message me with any questions (IM: tecno125 ).

Thanks Again NA,


Not a bad woot today.



Nice but pricey… WOOT!


This is a wOOt I can use. Brilliant!


Cool, very nice now were talking


pretty sweet!

I’d like bigger than a 3.6 inch screen but I guess that’s the price.

Id really rather go for the archos instead. My eyes can’t see that well anymore… =)

Perhaps make it able to read Word files? That’d be nice.

$330 after rebate is a steal for these specs though…

Peace out


Das woot ist gutt!

Ja, ja!


oh my god…I want!..looks cool, who knows if its a good deal though


Not exactly sure what this does!

First post…first page!?


Hawt, but expensive. :’(


Not bad, must research first…WOOT!!!


come on… Let’s get some sub-$100 products for us po’ wooters


nice… never heard of Neuros though…


This ones going to get some attention!



No money’d. B.O.C. plz


I’ll keep my ipod photo thanx


No need for it, but nice item.


Looks sweet.

Too bad I don’t really need one, besides, my budget is a little limited this month.