Neuros MPEG-4 Video Recorder + Rio Carbon


Well, took the plunge the other day and took apart my Rio Carbon to get at the microdrive in it.

Put it in the Neuros and the Neuros didn’t recognize it.

Put the danged thing in my old Lexar compactflash reader and of course, the reader didn’t recognize it (duh… it was designed specifically for their card).

At the time, I initially thought that the Seagate ST1 was overly crippled. See many of the photo message boards.

Since I kept missing out on the USB media reader/writer combos, I ended up spending $30 to buy one tonight.

Was able to recognize and format the drive.

Put it in the Neuros and of course, the Neuros didn’t recognize it.

Went to the Neuros site and downloaded the latest firmware.

Installed it and ended up with a plastic brick. Went back to the Neuros site and realized that the zip file that Joe posted may have been missing a .log file so reattempted to install the update using the .log file for the restore file and whammo! My Neuros is now a little workhorse with a 4.6gb microdrive!

The new firmware even allows me to program the Neuros to record at specific times.