Neuros MPEG4 Recorder


Welcome to the Market Launch for the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder topic page for Wednesday, February 9th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


[color=green:9bb28b49f8]C’Mon woot! I NEED A NOTEBOOK![/color]




Good first page haul tonight guys.


first page woot! Nice woot tonight just nooo money…saw this the other day on EnGadget



Good first page haul tonight guys. Thanks.


This is actually good woot tonight guys. Too bad I cheated and don’t know the price yet. MORE WOOT IN THE BOX PLZ.

EDIT: Change my mind, see below.




woot!, you were 3 minutes late!
I hit the refresh button like 300 times until this crappy recorder came out.
No woot for me tonight.

[color=red:2f2960e462]Give us more bags’o’crap![/color]

first page first page first page first page first page first page first page…!!! 8)


Don’t buy this woot.

30fps@362×240 resolution Microsoft ASF file format

30fps@320×240 resolution AVI file format, encode by DivX 4.0 & 5.0

That’s like VHS!!! What crap! It PLAYS at that, I wonder what it records at. And no network, just compact flash!? Poorly designed piece of poo. This should come in bag of crap.




:smiley: new woot i like it :twisted:


#1 Why is it taking 10 minutes to get here??? I think it’s getting worse each night–yikes!
#2 Cool Woot, but can’t justify the price cuz I don’t need it. :frowning:


Sweet! The first product debut on Woot!!!


w00t! :o


too much …no :shock: you can do this on your computer for free :wink:


[size=18:1f383c8173][color=blue:1f383c8173]dynatech is now updated!!

if today’s woot costs too much for you how bout a SWEET DEAL for under 20 bux?

Check it out here…


Neuros MPEG4 Recorder
Like the cheese, it’s a stand-alone device
$119.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Yeah, you could hack your Tivo, but that takes at least four things: Time, effort, know-how, and a Tivo. Roughly the size of a PDA, Neuros’s stand-alone MPEG4 Recorder is by far the most hassle-free way to create MPEG4 files.

And did someone say multifunctional? No, but somebody should have. Hook the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder up to your existing home theater components and view still photos on your TV or listen to MP3s through your stereo. Record from any analog video source, including cable or satellite TV, your DVD player, VCR, camcorder or PVR (e.g. Tivo).

The setup and conversion is as easy as your momma on three-dollar sangria pitcher night. If you wanted, you could load newly-recorded videos onto your laptop or PDA every day for watching on your commute. (We do not recommend this unless you commute by mass transit.) It uses CF and SD cards which are now officially cheaper than dirt (under $70 for 1GB CF). So quit whining that we didn’t include memory, go out and buy yourself some and pretend we bundled it for you.

Jeez, think of the implications for your porn habit alone: no more lonely nights at the computer desk, now you can have lonely nights with the TV in the living room.

Let us emphasize: This isn’t your typical Woot close-out, this is the launch of a just released product! In other words - this thing is mad new, yo. If it were a baby, its head would still be all misshapen from the squeezing it got in Neuros’s birth canal. Also, we wouldn’t be selling it by mail. Thanks to our high level partnership, Woot has a limited number of these MPEG4 Recorders, and after ours are gone, you won’t see any others anywhere else for probably two months. Think of it: For those eight weeks (or so), you’ll finally be the first on your block to have something besides parasites.

Note: we will be including a free Woot! cap as a thank you for participating in our first woot launch event!

Storage medium: Standard Compact Flash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD) memory cards
Turn your PDA into a PVP by watching movies on it
Archive home movies to MPEG4 without tying up your computer, burning DVDs or installing new software
Watch downloaded movies on your TV
Record TV shows
Use as an mp3 player for your living room
No additional software is necessary, but the Ulead Video ToolBox™ 2 Home Edition software bundle pack for PC is included for additional file conversion and editing functionality.

MPEG-4 AVI Movie Player
Real Time MPEG-4 Movie Recording
ISO Standard MPEG4 SP encoding with G.726 audio
MPEG-4 SP with MP3 stereo sound, near DVD quality
30fps@362×240 resolution Microsoft ASF file format
30fps@320×240 resolution AVI file format, encode by DivX 4.0 & 5.0

Photo Viewer
JPEG decoder
Resolution up to 16M pixels
Thumbnail view
Zoom & Pan

MP3/AAc Music Player
Stereo MP3 decoding
Stereo AAC decoding
32-320kbits/sec CBR & VBR
16-128kbits/sec CBR

Everything else:
USB 2.0 High speed card reader
Transfer files between cards
Downloadable firmware upgrades from
Power Source - 110-240V AC/DC Power supply
Dimensions - 4.6 inches x 3.42 x .71 inches. 4.9 oz.

Complete System Includes
A/V Interface Cables
PC USB Cable
110-240V AC/DC Power Supply
Remote Control
User Manual Driver and Bundle Software Pack

Need even more info?


deadly dull.
boring, even.
when are they going to have enough of something
truly wootish at a decent price so that it won’t
run out in 7 minutes but give you that healthy,
wooty feeling of money well spent?

“I have this pain in all of the diodes down one side”

What’s with this crap - already MINUTES past the “deadline”
and no new woot…
It’s a conspiracy!
It’s a plot!

Wow! To be on the very bleeding edge of TeKnowlOgy!

I guess I get to go to school (when they get their
shipping act together) with a Full Launch! (event)


Uh… what is the difference between this and the XviD codec?

Give up? Over $100!!!

I’ll be here all week.