Neuton CE 5.2 Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

I used to cut gas for a living. A big lawn took a quart of gas and was cut at most 25 times a year.

Please explain how 50 quarts of gas (about 100 pounds) creates 141 pounds of pollution in your fantasy world.

For the past 8-10 years I have had a DR Electric (the older version of these neuton mowers) and I have LOVED it. I have a large area to mow, over an hour to do it, and small hilly spots as well (but I’m young, so pushing a light-weight non-self-propelled mower is not a big deal). The only thing I had to do over the years was, as the original battery lost steam and wouldn’t do the whole lawn, I bought another battery, and also sharpen the blade, keep it clean, etc.). During the winter I leave it plugged in in the basement, then every couple of weeks I just go down and unplug it for a few days (or a week + if I forget, lol) and then plug it back in again.

I can mow for over an hour on one battery, it’s quiet, light, etc. If you have smallish lawn to mow and don’t like dealing w/gas and oil I cannot recommend this enough. I can only imagine how much better this one is than the one that I’ve had for the last zillion seasons.

If you’re not certain, I think that DR still has a program where you can try a mower for a period of time, and if you don’t like it you can send it back, it’s on, or right at

Mine may not have the sucking power that a gas mower has (as far as pulling the grass up w/the wind the blade creates before it’s cut) but it’s a phenomenal little product and I’ve thought of upgrading to a newer model. Can’t do it now ($$$) but I will one day.

I’ve had a Ryobi cordless electric, like this one, for 10 years. On a standard suburban Dallas lot, mowing with charge is no problem. If I had to replace my Ryobi, I’d consider this one. Except my Ryobi is mulching, this is not… have to deal with the baggings? No fumes, no tuneups, no gasoline around the house. A+++

I have the Neuton 6.2 and love it! I don’t have a huge yard so I can get through it on one charge if I push it to the end. The beauty though is that I bought the extra accessories pack which includes a second battery as well as an edger / trimmer attachment. The batteries hold a charge for a long time and only need the 18 ~ 24 charge the first time you plug it in so you have plenty of time between cuts to prep them. I got rid of my gas mower after I was confident that this thing would do the job and haven’t missed it a bit. The only problem that I have with the Neuton is that the bag isn’t very large but that’s no big deal when it comes down to it.

Do listen to the others who have mentioned that it is not self propelled. I have a relatively flat yard so I don’t mind pushing. Plus, the mower is much lighter than the gas ones that I’ve owned so it’s no problem in my situation. Also, this particular model has a 14" cutting path. The 6.2 has a 19" path which does make a difference. Most gas mowers that I looked at had between a 19" and 21" path, a negligible difference when looking at the 6.2 version.

Someone pointed out that there was no mulching feature on this mower. That is incorrect, it is stated on the Neuton website, these do mulch. There is an included “mulching plug” that you slide into the mower and it mulches very well.

If you buy one of these, do yourself a favor and buy the accessories pack from Neuton: The trimmer/edger is really effective and the spare battery is almost a necessity depending on your yard. These are Dr. Power products so there is a solid brand name behind them for those who care. They also have excellent customer service.

This is an older model and 2 years ago. One would hope that the newer model being sold here has been fixed.

For those wondering how 100 lbs of gas can produce more than 150 lbs of CO2, lets remember some simple chemistry. Gasoline is probably somewhere around 2.2:1 hydrogen to carbon. When burned completely (a fantasy with small engines) it produces H2O and CO2. The ratio of the weight of hydrogen to carbon is roughly 1:12, so a hundred pounds of gasoline contains about 36 pounds of hydrogen and 64 pounds of carbon. Now here’s the kicker – when the carbon is burned, it combines with oxygen from the air to form CO2. CO2 is only 12/44th carbon, so that 64 pounds of carbon produces 234 pounds of CO2.

I used pounds instead of kilograms to keep this American :slight_smile:

But does it spew as much CO2 into the air as Al Gore? Besides, I need it to make my Coke at the perfect level of bubbly goodness. Heck I’d welcome some Global Warming to get our summers back. We have been consistently around 10 degrees lower than normal all summer so far this year and haven’t had any of the really hot days at all yet.

While this thing might be good for very small lawns, I’ve yet to see a battery mower than can handle a lawn of any significance. It takes me around 1 - 1.5 hours to mow mine right now with a 46" cutting width riding mower. I hate to think about handling it on something with the short widths electrics seem to have.

Btw, 25 times a year at a quart a cut is about 50 lbs, no?

We who woot tend to buy objects that we otherwise wouldn’t have bought. These objects are made from arranged minerals and consume power in one form or another.

Mining and arranging these minerals, and operating this equipment, consumes earths resources and contributes mightily to human’s carbon footprint.

Most of this carp we don’t really need.

So while we’re on the subject of whether or not an electric mower is a wise thing, we should take a second to remember the majority of activity on woot is about consumption and desire, not needs. We’re all the problem…yes me too.

Have a great week!

Haha, and I have a huge ass lawn. There’s NO WAy’ I am giving up my gas powered riding mower for this! I was just thinking on Saturday that we really need to get something with a mower deck bigger than 50 inches. It takes almost 3 hours to mow that pig every week!

What you write IS true, but it is not understandable to most. :frowning:

If you REALLY look at the energy budget on the things we consume in our country (i.e, the amount of energy/resources it takes to make stuff), let alone the stuff we buy that we don’t even need, well…

BOTTOM LINE: there ain’t enough energy available on the planet for all the “emerging” countries to get ANYWHERE NEAR the standard of living (per capita energy consumtion) that we in the “western world” are LITERALLY stealing from the majority of ppl on this planet… Hence the wars we are fighting, and the utter HORROR we in the “west” are soon to face.

Have one – it’s terrific! Use it on small lawn, but we’ve done two small lawns on one charge without difficulty.

Quiet, easy to manage…

looks like they recycle the batteries -

great w00t! thanks!

I’ve had this mower for four years. It’s great, cuts fine with either the regular or the mulching blade (just sharpen at the beginning of the season, like any other mower). My lawn is small, maybe 3000 sf. I walk rather slowly, it takes me 45-50 minutes. One of my favorite features is the height adjustment, a simple lever you can adjust on the fly. I’m saving for the 6.2, with the wider cutting swath. I leave the battery plugged in when it’s not in use, including over the winter (in the house) & the original battery still kicks just fine.

Does anyone know how the edger attachment works? Does it use normal trimmer line?

Feet per minute seems like a dumb way to measure blade speed. It must come out to a bigger number for the marketers to use. Let’s see,

16000 / (14/12) / pi = 4365 RPM sounds about right.

One last thing, any idea what type of battery? Lead/acid, NiMH, other?

Good post. Thanks.

Btw…there was a much longer post (a few pages earlier) that explained how this happens in a lot more detail…and it, too, was very well written, very eloquent, and easy to understand.

I have the trimmer / edger on a 6.2 and it’s great!
The battery details from the site: 24-volt, 10-amp hour, sealed lead/acid type

Link to the specs:

I own one of these and it is an Excellent product. It takes me about 15 minutes to mow my small backyard lawn so it’s very small. So, if this is what you got this is perfect.

yea so but your splutering made more co2 than my lawn mower here,s the facts

“The troubling fact is that taking a lot of exercise and then eating a bit more food is not good for the global atmosphere. Eating less and driving to save energy would be better.”

This site explains how you can get more pounds of CO2 out of one gallon of gasoline.

Now, I have a rather large yard. I use probably a gallon of gas per mow, and if I mow the yard 20 times per year and one gallon of gas weighs 6.3 pounds, thats 126 pounds of fuel alone. So I can understand, based on what I’ve learned in the past two minutes by googling this information, that it is possible that lawnmowers emit a fair amount of greenhouse gases