Neutral Pride For Your Home's Inside

I have a set of barstools almost identical to the ones in this sale. I was able to put 2 of the taller ones in my kitchen at the island, and the third I left in the short setting and it’s in my master bathroom.

I really like them.

As to the description referring to the playstation/milk crate look; I imagine 21-year-olds wouldn’t mind the look. Isn’t that the start of your third decade?

Does anyone know if the top of the kitchen trolley can be used as a cutting board? I am thinking it could be handy as one with all the sharp and pointy tools in the drawer.

We just heard back from our vendor. “The top is not a cutting board.”

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am sure a cutting board can be put on it, so not a big deal.

Is the storage ottoman strong enough to sit on?