Neutral-Styled Bathroom Stuff

I have been checking in almost daily specifically for bathroom items, only to find these deals for towels and such. What about shower curtain sets, soap dishes, lotion dispensers, etc.?

I don’t know about you buddy but some of my best times have occurred in my bathroom. Like one time my wife was getting ready to go out for dinner. She was standing there in front of the mirror with nothing but this thong on. Well, lets just say I could not help myself.

How in the world is this a woot deal for bath mates $47.99-$64.99 I think that’s a rip off not a deal :-1::confounded::rage::weary:

I have a $50 shower curtain I could sell you… lol. Just cause it’s here, doesn’t make it sweet.

I think I would have to agree! Do not see this a even close to a good deal.