Never Before Seen

Another fox shirt?!?!? Dangit, Woot. I’m glad I budget my money well and can afford you. I think I’ll be up to 20 unique fox related t-shirts once this week’s over with. MOST of them from Woot.

The world needs more Arrested Development shirts. Thanks for printing mine, woot!

Not going to lie - totally love the Toy Story Alien shirt. Put them on just about anything, and I’ll buy.

Gah, those tri-blend tanks look so comfy! But alas, I am not a size 10 or under, so I will never know.

Now, the unisex tanks - any ladies have pics of how they fit? Do they have room for the bust and hips? Do they look like sleeveless t-shirts? Help a girl out, because Smore the Dragon needs to be worn to some summer fires.

trekmiss posted some pictures of the tanks laid flat over a shirt here.

I’m going to an AA store today to figure out my tri-blend tank size. I not the same size as you, but I will PM you some pics of the unisex tanks on me so you can get a rough idea.

That would be super helpful, thank you!

This may date me, but I totally remember getting a button/pin like that (edit* the shirt with the owl, to be clear) for a summer reading program! From Pizza Hut or someplace I think.

Book-It! It was Pizza Hut. I got so many personal pan pizzas because I was/am a HUGE BOOK NERD. (And proud!)

Arrested Development for the win! I just watched that episode the other day. (I’m trying to watch them slowly to make them last as long as possible).

Another huge Book-It fan here! It will be totally perfect to wear to work at the bookstore!! :smiley:

Why only in woman’s???


Thanks to Woot for printing my first yellow tee. I’ve been drawing and redrawing this idea forever. :^)

Are these gonna be available in the
“all designs” category after the event is over?

That link is super useful, thanks!

I have the tri-blend tank and they are NOT flattering to the female form, at least not in my opinion. I’m actually thinking of trying the unisex tank. Also, I found the tank to be cheaply made. It basically looked like someone cut it out with scissors and then tried to embroider the edges poorly. All in all I was not pleased with it.

why are you going from a b natural to a b natural

I was actually not too pleased with the fit of the Unisex tank. I normally buy a ladies medium, and I got a small tank and it was quite large. The arm holes are also huge. I love the graphic on it though so I might figure out a way to modify it so it is more flattering.

I started a thread with pictures of both tanks here. It’d be great if others would post pictures and impressions about the fit. Make sure to include specific sizes and measurements.

Dear DoOomcat,
I LOVE your Smore the Dragon design!! I will proudly wear it on my new apron. Thanks!