Never Give a Narwhal a Library Card

Underwater literature-kabob!

Reminds me of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and the Narwhals (NSFW) song! :smiley:

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“Narwhal”? Why not “Sea Unicorn”?

I wonder what the librarian would say if she saw all those holes…

How do the glasses stay on his face? What about the bow tie?

I find the phallic nature of this shirt to be highly disturbing. Well, I mean, that and the baby blue color too.

I can’t imagine the fines he’s going to have to pay for damaging all those library books.

Why am I continually reminded of Don Knotts?

yes! “if you give a mouse a cookie” was my first thought as well. and uh… I didn’t think that narwhals were real. wikipedia proved me wrong. holy god.

I will not let my tax money go to pay for narwhal damaging books!

Narwhals should remember to put the book down when scratching the top of the horn itch (right, because that looks physically possible. Maybe the bowtie has magical powers).

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Libraries would make a great derby topic–well, if it hasn’t been done already…

i can’t explain why but the style of this makes me think of Peabody from Rocky & Bullwinkle…

In a world gone mad, it makes me happy that honest, unique, oddball designers like MJ are getting printed. It’s like a small degree of sanity.

I may try this instead of dog-earring the pages it seems more effective.

When you give a narwhal a library card, he’ll also want a wallet to put it in. When you give a narwhal a wallet, he’ll also ask for your money with which to fill it. When you give a narwhal your money, he’ll probably want your watch as well. This story isn’t going well.

Y’know, he’d probably be less destructive if he gave up on books and just watched the DVDs instead.

“bye buddy… hope you find your dad”

I don’t know about you guys, but I for one have never worn a bow tie while reading.

I’ve also never been a narwhal, so I guess that’s a wash.