Never had a problem with Woot before...but now...

I am not getting answers from Woot CS, for the first time.

I am staying with my aunt out of state in Utah for a while. My mom passed and I want to make sure things are in order.

During the pointless push she got a bag of crap on her account with her CC.

I had changed my default amazon address to here since I have been helping her get organized and have been ordering things.

During the pointless push I also got a bag of crap on my account with MY CC but sent to her address since I am here.

Mine was refunded saying I can only get one boc in the last 31 days. My last was May 10.

Today I changed my default address back to Minnesota figuring it must have been simply because I was told this:

This order is cancelled as there were other BOCs ordered to this address

through different accounts.

Limit one bag per 31 days, per person also takes into consideration the
shipping address.

If orders for BOC are made from a different account to the same address,
it will be considered as another BOC order for same person.

Please refer to our Bag of Crap Commandments. So it is written, so it
shall be.

I still got the damned one order in 31 days message.

Can someone in Customer Service please fix my account???

(by the way, I see married couples living at the same address getting bags of crap on the same day ALL THE TIME)


I’m so sorry for your loss :pray:t2:

Customer service is definitely very confused (the text on GG is really quite unbelieveable, SMH).

I’m sure Dave will help get this straightened out. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Hi there, so sorry about the trouble. @ThunderThighs is the one who handles BOCs & their cancellations. She’s out right now, but she’ll be back Monday to help! Apologies again for the trouble.

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@davejlives Jeff fixed it. But don’t tell anyone.

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Hi there. I’m sorry for your loss.

When cancelling dupe BOC orders, I don’t know stories, family connections, intentions, etc. If I see orders that looked like the same person ordered them, I cancel all but the first.

As to spouses, I canceled many if they don’t look like two different people ordered them. It doesn’t have to do solely with the address.

CS reps don’t understand all the ins and outs of BOCs so cut them some slack. They/we can’t “fix” your account to override the 31 day rule.

I’ll PM you with more info.