(NEW) 1MORE Quad Driver Headphones

(NEW) 1MORE Quad Driver Headphones

Just got a pair of these. They’re okay but don’t sound like anything special to me. I’m still more satisfied with that $20 pair of IEMs that the audio nerds lose their minds over. I’d not be happy if I paid anything close to full price for these.


1more triple driver was on sale here once brand new for $29. It was $100 at MSRP and usually it’s available for like 67 at Amazon. But at 30 it was a great deal because it came with like $30 worth of access. Bunch of tips including foam ones, and adapter for airplane usage, extremely nice case.

Is it tuned as nice as some of the modern day $20-$30 ones like the salnotes zero, moondrop chu, blon 03, koss kph30i or ksc75? Probably not for people that prefer kind of the Harmon curve/crinicle influence.

I’ve never tried the quad drivers but these things were all very much hyped up when they were released back in 2018 or 2019.