NEW Apple 13.3" MacBook Air with M1 Chip (2020)

NEW Apple 13.3" MacBook Air with M1 Chip (2020)

Knowing what color it is would be nice!

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Also, can one add AppleCare+ to it?

Yes, what colors are available?

It states it’s AppleCare eligible


we don’t sell it but you can get it from Apple.

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Thank you!

Decisions Decisions.

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A note for those thinking of getting this awesome deal and swapping in a keyboard native to your country: It’s possible, but it’s very difficult and about two hours for an experienced laptop repair tech to do it. I’ve been repairing laptops for nearly 30 years and I wouldn’t want to do this one unless I was repairing a broken keyboard on my own unit out of warranty; given this is a new device with a warranty it’s a risky proposal.

If it was a refurb with an even lower price I’d be up for the challenge though!


How do you know in Woot what country it is keyed to?

It’s in the title and the description, look for the orange box that says this:

Listen up! These MacBooks have a French-Canadian Bilingual CSA Keyboard layout. The layout is mostly the same, but there are some additional keys. See images for details.

8GB Model with US keyboard is early black Friday (prime members only) for $749 without apple care. $888 with.

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