(NEW) Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS+Cellular) (45mm)

(NEW) Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS+Cellular) (45mm)

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This is the thread which you’re looking for.

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Wow! The Series 7 Apple Watch is now over two years old (Series 9 is current) and still, new examples are coming out of the woodwork!

I paid $308 for this same watch a year ago in black, not green, when it was a year old. Not a single regret. You can completey ignore the cellular feature if you don’t wish to add the watch to your cellular plan, typically +$10/month. Note, even without a cellular plan, the FCC requires that you will still be able to contact 911, due to the watch having that cellular radio in it.

‘Not feeling any pressure to upgrade to the Series 9 either. In the real world, there isn’t much difference between the S7, S8, & S9. Same cases, same display size, same band compatibility. All three got larger displays and faster charging vs the S6. S7 & S9 add crash detection (if your iPhone has it, not needed) + cycle tracking for women. S9 adds single hand, watch arm finger pinch to trigger actions.

And the inexpensive but durable Otter bands at mother Amazon as well as authentic Apple bands here on Woot offer a reasonable path away from the green band if that is not your color of choice. Green case remains tho.


Which size band is included with this?

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Hi there. I’m told the new ones come with both bands.


I got this same exact model for the same price Jan 2023. I couldn’t justify getting Apple Watch 8 since it only lack temp measurements and crash detection. Couldn’t see the need to upgrade to the Apple Watch 9 either. I’ve been really happy with it a bought both my parents one too.


If you’re on the fence about an Apple Watch - I was as well a year ago - two similar use cases:

  1. Health monitoring and slip and fall detection for your senior parents. They can share their health monitoring with family members. We do this for our 84 year old, still very active, mother. She regularly shares stories about friends with Apple Watches who discovered heart conditions not obvious to their doctors. In one case a friend didn’t have much energy, when the heart doc reviewed her history from the Watch (Drs appreciate this ability), tested her, determined she needed a pacemaker… and it changed her life for the better. (This story convinced us ‘kids’ to buy the watch for our mother.

  2. Related, as we age, we wanted the same benefits. And that “close the circles” thing encourages more active lives.

Yep I totally agree my dad‘s in his early 70s And since my mom was still working, we felt better with the idea Of him having an Apple Watch just in case. Took a bit of prodding to get him to wear it I sent him a few articles of people who didn’t die because the Apple Watch detected a very serious heart condition, notifying them that their heart stopped a few times in the middle of the night.

Is possible to know what model this Series 7 is ?
like if Model A2477 (45mm) or Model A2478 (45mm) - it can determine which cellular networks/carriers it can work with ?

Since the A2477 is for US carriers and the A2478 is for Europe + Asia market carriers, one would hope US-based WOOT would disclose if they were NOT selling the US market version. WOOT Customer Support would pay the price. :wink:

Hello. Per the vendor:

A2477 - USA model

It comes with two sizes in three pieces. The latch side is used with either a short or longer notched band.

I was on the fence about getting this watch but when Woot had one of those 10% off everything days, I jumped on it. $20 is the maximum discount but it helps. I love this watch. I’m coming from series 1 so it’s a big leap. This is the first series with the larger 45mm screen and first with a USB-C charging cable as far as I know. The green color is nearly indistinguishable from black unless you are outside or under some bright lights. The green band it a nice color in person. I added it to my Verizon plan for $7.50 a month. You can find this watch around $200 used but I think the $80 more for new is worth it.