(NEW) Arcade1Up Street Fighter II - Capcom Legacy Edition Arcade Machine

(NEW) Arcade1Up Street Fighter II - Capcom Legacy Edition Arcade Machine

Why does it have so many versions of Street Fighter? There is literally nobody in the world who loves Street Fighter that much.


Can this cabinet actually be set to coin-operated? I’d like to start a small coin-op company.

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Fun Tidbit about street fighter. The culprit behind various versions was Street Fighter 2. Before memes were democratized across people, memes existed for Street Fighter 2 in different video game magazines due to Capcom’s refusal to release Street Fighter 3 and continuing to release new versions of Street Fighter 2 even though some of them had significant changes such as introduction of brand new characters, arenas and such.

My favorite in terms of name progression:

Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Super Street Fighter 2
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

This is a rumor but I don’t know if its true. Various sub versions of each of these games existed because there was a different code base for each console out there and Capcom was one of the few to cater to every single console of that generation.



Everything below the joysticks are hollow particleboard. The game selection software is on the motherboard controlled by buttons above the joysticks.

At best, you could do what game shops have done with their demo consoles: charge an hourly rate for customers to sit and play.

Quite true.

The TurboGrafix/PC Engine, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, etc. all were slightly different and likely ground-up remakes than approximations of the arcade original. Beyond things like button limitations (the PC Engine only had 2 face buttons, for awhile the Sega Genesis default controller had 3 face buttons), or presentation (sound and video properties of each console were different), subtle differences like how combo attacks would work differed between versions (e.g. “negative edge” attacking, the handcuff glitch, etc.)

I’m impressed at the collection of Street Fighter games, from the first Street Fighter, the first SF2, the enhanced Champion/Dash Edition, the Turbo/Hyper edition with added speed and moves, but no homebrew versions (like Rainbow Edition). I’m doubly impressed that other games, notably Darkstalkers (I assume the first game of the series, Darkstalkers: the Night Warriors and not the sequel Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge) and Strider and Final Fight.

I do wish the joystick buttons were higher quality though.

Oh I disagree.

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