NEW ART CALL: Cinco de Mayo! - Due 4/4

Cinco de Mayo is coming! (Or if you happen to own a Banana Stand, then Cinco de Quatro is coming! RIP, Lucille.) And yeah, we know Cinco de Mayo is mainly a North American thing, BUT observed or not, we want to celebrate Mexican/Latinex Heritage, Culture and/or Cuisine. So channel your inner luchador, hit up your favorite taco truck, and send us your favorite festive and fiery designs!

Include #cinco in your submission titles.


@Narfcake What do cats do for Cinco de Mayo?

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Celebramos con alegría la cultura de Mexico
Bailando en las calles con musica y buena comida.

The cats I think have their own version of this but not until the fifth of “meow.”


Cinco de Mayo image
The fourth be with you.

(Image stolen using google)

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Is this for a shirt? If so where do we submit our designs? Thanks!

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