NEW ART CALL: Lawn Warriors - Due 3/14

It’s startin’ to warm up out there, so we’re on the hunt for designs about goin’ HARD in the YARD! You know, stuff like yard work, grilling/BBQs, gardening, etc.

Include #lawn in your submission title.

BONUS: You can ALSO submit art for aprons (placed or repeating patterns), or tumblers (simple, single color)! These can match/relate to your shirt submissions, or can be stand-alone designs. For these subs, it’d be helpful if you also included the #product in the title (i.e.- “#lawn #apron Mower Man”).



I’m excited about the possibility of a shirt/tumbler/apron combo.

What is the effective art size for the tumbler etching? Is it still 5400x4500? Or is there an ideal size?