May the 4th is coming, so we’re on the lookout for designs about everyone’s favorite space opera! Include #force in the title. We’re looking for 4 kinds of art (include #product in title as well):

Poster-ONLY art - Due 4/14

  • We want these posters to be epic! So ditch the constraints of apparel art, fill the canvas, and really make these special.

  • We’re only accepting a handful of these (10-12ish), and they will involve a more collaborative art-direction process than typic apparel art. That’s why the deadline for these is a little later.

T-shirt Art - Due 4/11

  • Designs that look great on apparel. Due 4/11

Tumblers Art: Due - 4/11

  • Simple, single-color art that will be etched into the tumbler.

Totes and Aprons - Due 4/11

  • These can be placed (like apparel) or repeating patterns

In ALL cases, remember to make sure your art falls into parody/fair-use territory by making it TRANSFORMATIVE in some way. Good luck and may the ART be with you!

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Are you looking for battle kinds of art for the non-poster products? I’ve got some cool Space Opera-adjacent designs that would be good for t-shirts, but they’re not “Space Battles” particularly. Is this more of an all-encompassing theme for things other than posters?


Are we OK to submit older work that relates to the theme but might work in a new format? For example, a one-color design that ended up in an EC sale, but would work great on a tumbler?

@5kcoach Yes! This is for apparel, posters, and the other products listed. If you don’t see the product you want in the list above, submit it anyway with a note about what product you think it should go on. Basically, feel free to submit whatever you’ve got, and just include #force and whatever #product you think it’ll look good on in the submission title!

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@SubBass49 Sure! If you have an existing design in the catalog that you want to put on one of the non-apparel products, that works for us. Just submit it with #force and #product in the title!


Many thanks, sir…now the real trick is me remembering to do this when I have a chance!
A.D.D. is my superpower!


@benwyeth One other question; how does one submit a two-option design? As in two versions of the same or related design, like this dual-design shirt: Irrational Things (
or this entry in this week’s derby: Shirt.Woot

Is such a thing still possible?

It is indeed! You just submit them separately. If you want to REALLY make sure we know that they belong together, you can include a hint in the title or Notes section (like “Things (1 of 2)” OR “Things: Design 1”), and/or show both designs in the mock-up file. We just need the individual print-ready files, so that’s why we ask that you submit them separately. Does that all make sense?

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@benwyeth I received notices for 2 of my 3 #force art submissions, but I haven’t heard back on the third. I received the tumbler design email on Tuesday (Mandalore Republic Flag), but only one of my “paired” shirt designs emails on Wednesday (Mandalore Republic Blocky). I wasn’t sure if the other design was still in review or if the notification email was lost in the ether.