May the 4th is coming, so we’re on the lookout for designs about everyone’s favorite space opera! Include #force in the title. We’re looking for 4 kinds of art (include #product in title as well):

UPDATE: The deadline for Poster-ONLY art has been extended! NOW DUE 4/27!

  • We want these posters to be epic! So ditch the constraints of apparel art, fill the canvas, and really make these special.

  • We’re only accepting a handful of these (10-12ish), and they will involve a more collaborative art-direction process than typic apparel art. That’s why the deadline for these is a little later.

T-shirt Art - Due 4/11

  • Designs that look great on apparel. Due 4/11

Tumblers Art: Due - 4/11

  • Simple, single-color art that will be etched into the tumbler.

Totes and Aprons - Due 4/11

  • These can be placed (like apparel) or repeating patterns

In ALL cases, remember to make sure your art falls into parody/fair-use territory by making it TRANSFORMATIVE in some way. Good luck and may the ART be with you!



Are you looking for battle kinds of art for the non-poster products? I’ve got some cool Space Opera-adjacent designs that would be good for t-shirts, but they’re not “Space Battles” particularly. Is this more of an all-encompassing theme for things other than posters?


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Are we OK to submit older work that relates to the theme but might work in a new format? For example, a one-color design that ended up in an EC sale, but would work great on a tumbler?

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@5kcoach Yes! This is for apparel, posters, and the other products listed. If you don’t see the product you want in the list above, submit it anyway with a note about what product you think it should go on. Basically, feel free to submit whatever you’ve got, and just include #force and whatever #product you think it’ll look good on in the submission title!


@SubBass49 Sure! If you have an existing design in the catalog that you want to put on one of the non-apparel products, that works for us. Just submit it with #force and #product in the title!


Many thanks, sir…now the real trick is me remembering to do this when I have a chance!
A.D.D. is my superpower!


@benwyeth One other question; how does one submit a two-option design? As in two versions of the same or related design, like this dual-design shirt: Irrational Things (
or this entry in this week’s derby: Shirt.Woot

Is such a thing still possible?

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It is indeed! You just submit them separately. If you want to REALLY make sure we know that they belong together, you can include a hint in the title or Notes section (like “Things (1 of 2)” OR “Things: Design 1”), and/or show both designs in the mock-up file. We just need the individual print-ready files, so that’s why we ask that you submit them separately. Does that all make sense?


@benwyeth I received notices for 2 of my 3 #force art submissions, but I haven’t heard back on the third. I received the tumbler design email on Tuesday (Mandalore Republic Flag), but only one of my “paired” shirt designs emails on Wednesday (Mandalore Republic Blocky). I wasn’t sure if the other design was still in review or if the notification email was lost in the ether.


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Looking now. Looks like we passed on that design. My best guess as to why you didn’t get the email is that we probably only sent one email for that pair (intending it to cover both). Apologies for the delay!

No worries. Thanks for following up. Can I do a minor mod and submit for next week’s derby?

Hi there!


I know it’s a bit late to be asking these kind of questions but, anyway, here I go:

Can I still submit a poster design tuesday 27th? is that last day included in the timeframe?

Also, for a poster, what is the size of the design template? I’ve seen woot posters with printed areas of 15x19’’, and with 17x23’’.

Thanks in advance!!

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@arinesart The sooner the better, but yes, the 27th will work! As for the size, design for a 16 x 12 (or 12 x 16). It will likely also be printed at the 8x10 and the 16x20 sizes, but stick with the 16x12 and we’ll scale it up and down on our end. Does that work?

That works, already submitted a bunch!

Many thanks!