NEW ART CALL: SPORT-LYMPICS - Due 7/4 plus a BONUS art call!

The Summer Olympics are just a few weeks away, so we’re on the hunt for sporty/anti-sporty, olympic-y parodies! Include: #gogold in your submission titles.

You CAN:

  • Keep things broad and focus on general sportsing or winning
  • Get specific by focusing on a real sport like running, swimming, gymnastics
  • Or even make up a new sport/anti-sport (like the Nerd-lympics)!


  • Include the 5-ring olympic logo (they get pretty litigious)
  • Submit gold-medal shirts. They don’t work. Or sell.

Also, no need to keep the tone earnest. If you want to poke fun of sportsing, feel free.

Woot! Grocery is coming up on its 1st birthday! If you have ideas or designs about food/household items, online grocery shopping, or Woot! in general, you can submit them with #grocery in the title. Also DUE 7/4.

Can hardly wait to see the designs
Maybe @benjaminleebates or @acraigl can do a stick the landing one
With an athlete in the iconic superhero landing pose