New Art Calls!

Masks & Gaiters - Due ASAP

These continue to sell well, so we’re continuing the art call! Submit your best REPEATING PATTERN designs for our neck gaiters and face masks!
*Include “Face” in the title

Garage Sale Treasures - Due 7/26

We want to start participating in more Woot! garage sales, and we thought a fun way to do that would be to sell your raddest, retro and vintage designs that look like incredible garage sale finds! You know, designs that have that cool throwback “lived-in” vibe that lets the world know you’ve got an impressive accumulation of stories and secrets borne from a life well-lived.
*Include “Garage” in the title

Beat the Heat/Summer Doldrums - Due 7/26

We’re entering that long, hot stretch of summer where all you want to do is nothing…that parched lull between July 4th festivities and back-to-school season. We want your best designs about how to beat the heat, and either embrace or endure these hot summer doldrums!
*Include “Doldrums” in the title