New Balance Men's Rappel Hikers, USA

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New Balance Men’s Rappel Hikers, USA
Price: $54.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, May 27 to Wednesday, May 28) + transit
Condition: New


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4/29/2014 - $54.99 - 37 comment(s)

Two good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Comments from a Previous Woot!

7 minutes and already sold out of my size. So goes. But I’m keeping an eye open for more New Balance sales…

I got these last month and I love them! Really comfortable. They are true to size but if you went half a size bigger you would still get a really good fit. I should have gone up a half myself. Get a pair, now!

If they have the half size bigger, I’d say go for it! But, it is a risk with the return policy on shoes. Make sure your OK with that before buying a pair.

No such luck; no half sizes over 12. 11.5 wide was still listed but that is pretty chancy for me based on past experience,

Maybe next sale.

I need a 15 and I see that the specs show it but there is no selection on the list, sold out or otherwise.

When is Woot going to sell narrow width shoes for men? STOP teasing me with shoe deals that I can’t buy!!

So how many pairs of size 13s do you normally start one of these offers with? Two? Maybe three? I really hate how you toy with us larger-footed folks, Woot. :confused:

You people can find shoes ANYWHERE. For those of us with wider feet (2E and beyond) New Balance and a couple others are our only hope. :confused:

Don’t any of these clowns make composite or steel toed versions of their hikers? I need something comfy for an occasional work shoe. Dual purpose you might say.

These are pretty nice and quite comfortable. Now woot is making me put my money where my mouth is from when I said I wished I’d bought two pairs! I very well may double up.

Have always had some pair of New Balance shoes around, and when sizing, went with what I have always fit in. It was perfect. These boots are easy to wear.

Sorry, it’s likely that they’re made in that size and we just copied over the sizing chart, but we weren’t able to actually get any in that size.

Our sporty shoe buyer usually apologizes because he does try to buy as many sizes as possible (especially wide and larger sizes when available).

The pair I bought a few weeks ago on Woot arrived without a rivet which holds the lacings. Asked for a replacement pair- but never heard back from Wooot. If they are selling “seconds” they should say so. jmho

Speaking of which, New Balance doesn’t sell “W”. Are the wide shoes 2E or 4E? I’m assuming 2E.

I’m sorry about that, I’ll check with CS and make sure they get back with you. It’s also possible the response went to your junk folder, so make sure to check there too!

Does “wide” mean 2E or 4E?