New Balance Men's Running Shoes

I’ve been wearing New Balance shoes for over 20 years (they were standard issue to USMC recruits as well). I’ve found that they tend to be narrow and small based on their sizing metrics.

New Balance widths are:
2A = X Narrow
B = Narrow
D = Standard
2E = Wide
4E = X Wide
6E = XX Wide

I have what I think is a size 12 standard narrow foot in all other brands (narrow enough for my wife to refer to my feet as ‘Raptor Feet’!). However in NB sizing, my foot is size 11 1/2 and width is 2E.

So when looking at this deal, the widths look to be part of the model numbers for these 3 offerings.

New Balance Men’s M630SR2-D Athletic Running Shoe - Dove/Black/Red = Standard Width

New Balance Men’s MT00BK-D Minimus Zero Trail Running Shoe - Black/Royal = Standard Width

New Balance Men’s MT110ES-2E Trail Running Shoe - Bronze/Red = Wide

If you are on the fence, a good shoe store that specializes in New Balance will give you a proper measure.

While you can select size, these deals are specifying width so make sure you know what your NB width is before purchase.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the breakdown!

I walked into a NB shop a number of years ago and was shocked to learn my shoe size *based on their sizing. I was wearing a size 9.5 but learned that I should be wearing a 11. I forget the width but maybe a D. I have been turned onto the Minimus not only for running but just for comfort!

I find many brands do their own sizing. Puma is even smaller for me.

btw, NB also has a great diagram showing the different ways to thread your laces. It makes a big difference if you have pain, various issues with your walk etc… CS is very helpful no matter where you buy your NB shoe.