New Balance Reflective Safety Vest

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New Balance Reflective Safety Vest
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Oh this is so what I’ve been waiting for


How does this thing increase my balance?

Perfect for any man looking to get beat up by a group of youngsters.

Isn’t this what Walmart greeters wear?

Ditto! In for 3.

Wow thanks Woot…now I can look like a jackass all the time, all I need is a helmet to complete the look.

LoL I bet!


cuz it’s got electrolytes, man.

Woo hoo, just what I need for those late night games of freeway tag

Next up: Orange pylons.

This would go great with that life vest from yesterday!

In for 3 - will come in handy for those bike rides in the sn…oh, gonna have to wait until Summer.

you know, having two safety vests in one woot!off has got to be a new record.

I wonder if my dog could wear this? He’s really hard to spot in the snow sometimes.

Was just thinking that.


In for one.