(NEW) ByronStatics 3-Speed Vinyl Record Turntable Player

(NEW) ByronStatics 3-Speed Vinyl Record Turntable Player

This does not come with a charging chord

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It wouldn’t be a charging cord. It would be a power cord. This unit does not contain batteries to charge, near as I can tell.

Just got mine! I opted for this one based mostly on reviews, as apposed to the Victrola one also currently on offer. Don’t need none o’ that highfalutin’ Bluetooth capability anyway! The built-in speakers are pretty bland (no surprise there), audio much improved after plugging into separate speaker. Overall quality is high enough, though why they didn’t include a spot to store the separate power supply is beyond me. It’s just large enough to not be stored inside the case…

I got this for my kids to play with mostly, so I’m not concerned about the wear and tear on the banged-up little LPs I scrounged from estate sales. Wanted something easy to store that didn’t break the bank, so it’s worth the price as far as I’m concerned.


I wouldn’t use this to play any records you care about keeping in good shape. Since new records are usually around $25+ a piece, buying a $20 turntable doesn’t seem like a good move to me.

That’s here… MSRP is a lot higher. You are right though, to an extent.

Tone arm tracking force is something to keep in mind. Too heavy, you’ll get weird distortions, and excess wear on your records. Too little and it’s like going to the skatepark. These mass market, consumer level turntables usually sit around 5-6 grams of pressure. And they generally aren’t adjustable like higher quality turntables. This specific model comes in at about 5.5 grams of pressure. If I remember correctly, we always kept our nicer tables closer to 2-2.5 grams. Just something to keep in mind. I probably wouldn’t play my Minor Threat Salad Days 7" on this player… but I would play my Misfits Static Age LP on it.