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My name is Robert I am the owner of New Cat Condos. I have over 32 years experience manufacturing cat Trees Houses and different types of cat furniture. I am on the Forums to help you with any questions you might have, We want to make this a good shopping experience for you.
We always try to make the highest of quality product and now you can get it at Woot for the lowest price.

Here is a link to how its made that shows our factory and the care we put into make the highest quality cat condos
Our product has is sturdy, stable, high quality and made to last with REAL SOLID WOOD and LONG LASTING HOUSEHOLD GRADE CARPET. New Cat Condos will never make or sell anything but the best quality cat condos.
For the next 24 hours (until the end of the sale you will get the best cat Condo from New Cat Condos at the best price).
This offer is two of our newest designs with many upgrade including double thickness on the Base for strength, un-oiled natural sisal rope and upgraded carpet. Don’t miss out they will go fast supplies are limited. You won’t see a better quality product at a better price anywhere.
Ask away with any questions you may have I will try to answer them for you if I don’t know the answer I will find the answer for you


What size cat will these condos work for? I have a 14 lb cat and a 12 lb cat. Neither are overweight (they’re just quite long and tall). I have looked at other cat condos, but they all appear too flimsy for cats of this size.

Was wondering the same. Got a young Maine Coon but she is already big for a 6 month old cat.

I have looked and maybe I am blind, is there any assembly required or does it ship as is and is that still 5 bucks Woot shipping?

I was also wondering the same thing , didn’t see anything either

Well after looking at video , I would say there is no way that they will come unassembled, there factory is setup specifically to do that in a vigorous manner so I have to conclude that part of the unit price has to include hidden shipping costs .

Oops. I missed that little ‘video’ arrow so conveniently placed. See, blind

I didn’t really mean that little pun there at the end and I didn’t mean to insult anyone that might be vision impaired

Overstock site has similar ones that require top perch to be assembled. There is a new cat condo website also.

After reviewing the video, it would seem that they would probably never run out of stock.

“Don’t miss out they will go fast supplies are limited. You won’t see a better quality product at a better price anywhere.” Is that Ron Popel I hear?

I have this cat tree that I bought from Amazon for $98:

The three cats like it, but they all want the same spot and don’t like one another well enough to share. And none of them uses any of the little “extra” spots that are too small for them. And some of the carpet and sisal rope is coming off, which isn’t a terrible problem in that it saves on other things being scratched.

These Woot trees are interesting. There are fewer “extra” cubbies for cats and what’s there look larger than in my cat tree, but it looks here that the taller tree has smaller spaces than the shorter one, so if I was buying one here I’d probably go with the shorter one. It’s cheaper, and no way my cats would use that half-moon spot on the taller tree, so the number of resting places would be essentially the same.

There’s not as much flat surface (which my cats like) as on my tree, and I wonder if my cats would be as likely to climb up the tree as they are to jump onto the levels as they do now, but I don’t think it would be an issue with the shorter one.

I like the little cat cartoons on the first page. Woot, this is THE best thing I have ever seen.
Thanks. Very much appreciate it,

why hasn’t “Robert” answered any of the questions?

I just realized it’s probably the middle of the night where Robert is.

I bought one of these the last time it was offered (slightly different model). My three cats love it, and am thinking of getting a second one. It did come pre-assembled last time, and it is good quality.

I’d also like to know about recommended weight limits. The Cat Army has four members: one is 25 lbs, two are 15 lbs and one is 12 lbs. Because they are cats, they don’t take turns politely - they shove in and all pile on one spot at the same time and/or play “King of the Mountain” which entails a wrestling match or two and one cat eventually kicking the others off the perch.

Can these handle 70 lbs of jumping, wrestling, climbing, leaping, aggressively playing cats? Or are they meant for the quiet “only child” who climbs up politely and then uses the perch to sleep rather than to perform flying, tackling shenanigans?

These are real strong and large cradles will hold up to 25 pounds. Made with real wood and much higher quality than you are used to seeing

Strong up to 25 pounds and base is double thickness for strength and stability. These are some of the best cat condos we have made and have many upgrades

It come almost all assembled the top cradle is not on because we don’t want cradle damage during shipping. It take 5 minutes or less I think most people could assemble in a minute to put the top cradle on (5 nails included). It has assembly instructions and a bonus 9 pack of cat toys and the assemble nail all included