New Cat Condos Kitty Play Yard - 51" H

Is anyone familiar with the New Cat Condos line? Our current cat tree has seen better years, so we’re looking around. My guy is not noted for being svelte (somewhere in the 20 pound neighborhood) & these seem sturdy. But I’m not familiar with one of the materials used: sonic tubes. Can anybody shed light on this? Thanks.

Looking around the internets, it seems that Sonic Tubes are those tubes you use as forms when pouring concrete footings. I’m double checking though.

The last cat condo I bought was a “New Cat Condo” brand from Woot. Previously I purchased one of the Swedish brands from Overstock at a similar price. The Overstock condo was made of faux fur, and not carpeting (it was hard to tell from the photos). My cat had no interest in it. The New Cat Condo model did in fact have carpeting wrapped all around outside, AND inside, and was built very sturdy.

My particular model came with a round center perch that was delivered unassembled (for shipping purposes) with a single nail. There was no easy way to “eyeball” the center of the perch with the center of the round pole I was to nail/affix it to. That particular part is not sturdy - and was the only thing that I did myself. Thankfully my cat doesn’t climb to the top perch - though if she did I’d just replace the nail with a wood tapping screw or two.

As for the carpeting, my cat loves to tear it apart. Better that than the carpeting on my stairs which she was using prior to me buying this. I’m quite happy with the purchase.

I unfortunately don’t know what the sonic tubes are, but I’d imagine it’s what is used for the round tube near the base in this model. My parents had one similar and they have a heavyweight Ragamuffin which lays on top of the tube. The condo is a little worse-for-wear at this point (he also tears up the carpeting with his claws) but it’s still held his weight from jumping on/off all these years.

Yes the sonic tubes are the same tubes they use to pour concrete

Thank you for the great comments