New Cat Condos: Purrfect Habitats


Made in the U.S.A. - I’m in!

Hopefully, this is more appealing to my cat than the sofa.

:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: BEWARE !!! DO NOT BUY !!! :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:
They don’t stand behind their product !!

I bought a Armarkat A5801 58" Cat Tree on May 1 of this year. When I tried to put it together one of the long posts had a “buggered” or messed up thread and would not attach to the ‘tree.’ I requested a replacement part from both WOOT ! and Armakat shortly after and
They are selling faulty/damaged items and will NOT stand behind their product !!!

Lazarus2: Ugh. The vendor was supposed to send you the missing part. Let me dig into it.

My cat likes to scratch the walls and door frames. I hope this makes out to be a better option.

I wouldn’t buy anyway, the cheap materials are not worth the money as the taller these models are the more they wobble; which makes my awesome ‘mouser’ not use them. No feisty cat likes to be on grounds with unsure footing!

The sisal comes off rather fast too, as your baby’s claws shred it. Plus the cheap materials (the flat boards specifically) warp over time making the condo even unstable and more uninviting!!! Better to spend the extra bucks on a cat condo built with natural solid thick tree branch. those are awesome, have no sisal & will really, really last!!! Make sure the tree parts WEREN’T CHEMICALLY TREATED for your cat baby’s safety & it’ll be more than worth the money you spent!

Sometimes you spoil yourself because, you know, you only live once… Same goes for that lil’ feline of yours. SO SPOIL HER/HIM!

Actually these are really well made sturdy cat condos. I have had the “Cat Playstation” for over 2 years with multiple cats using it & it has held up great. No assembly required,which is a plus. It comes in a huge box which is also a great cat toy as stated above. These prices are pretty good & the $5 shipping makes it a steal.

Tempted to get the large scratching post as my kitties like the one I have and my one monster cat is too long for most regular scratching posts. The price is a good half off the one I have I just need to make sure it’s tall enough.

So far, so good!

I bought the Triple Cat Perch and have been very impressed with it thus far. It seems very sturdy, came pre-assembled and, contrary to most items made for felines, my cat even will sit on it!