New! Dates, Years & Southeast Tees

SEC, huh??? Well, that’s all well and good, but Missouri and Texas just got left out, ya know. Sure, they just joined, and they might not say y’all (or ya’ll) like them Southerners do, but they should get Tees, too. :slight_smile:

Because Missouri, located in the Midwest and Texas, located in the South, belongs in a side sale that’s for the Southeast? That doesn’t make any sense.

Patience, grasshopper. Derby 431 is the Midwest and other states will follow.

Oh, these are derbies… didn’t know that…

I was just teasing, btw… picking on shirt.woot

Texas should have a whole derby by itself… the stereotypes are many and varied, and it’d be funny.

Looks like Mississippi is missing, though.

Mississippi design any one ?
you got every state around it ,
or are the same people from the weather channel that called it the land mass between Al and La now working at woot?

This is just our first pass through the states. If we don’t get entries we want to print for specific states, we’ll be coming back around and asking artists to focus on the ones we skipped!

Love the idea, but disappointed in the Arkansas tee. “ARR-KANSAS”? Nope, not how it’s pronounced. The kitty Louisianaaw design would have worked better for AR than for LA, because, y’know, AR has an -aww at the end already.

If you had flipped “Spooky Trees” and “Banjos” on the West Virginia one you would have nailed it. That will cost you a purchase.

I’m ashamed to say that my little sister (who is 19) still thinks that. But she also thinks that Hawaii is in the gulf of Mexico, so I think she’s a lost cause.

No Nawf Cahlinah? Wut?

Louisian-aww: ginger tabby approved.