New Designs: Baked Goods



Shirt sales stats are all showing another shirt’s sales… in fact all the same shirt’s sales. It’s interesting but prevents me from guessing how things are selling.

Edit: Looks like this clears up once a shirt is bought so not a big deal.


Is there any way to see the vote totals from the Apron derby?

Edit: Nevermind… found it.


Congrats on the print cherylfrancis!


Oh, thank you very much!! I’ve been doing this for 4 long years…finally!! Thank you for your support!


i also offer my congrats.

i wonder what the longest time between first derby entry and first print is.


I’ve got 3 years, 3 months, and 24 days between 1st entry and 1st print.


Alright!! Congratulations cherylfrancis!!


Two catloafs! All my money seems to go to woot.


Thank you as well! Good things are coming…


Yeah! Congrats! I love your work!


Thank you so much. Love the encouragement. :slight_smile:


well this sucks, i wanted one as a gift and they are all sold out, sigh.


Will this be available again? Or possibly placed on a print to order site? Would love to buy one of these as a gift.


All of our designs (well, except glow in the dark or other unusual inks) are available in tees in our catalog! Check out the “all designs” tab and search for keywords or the design name you want. We should also have some new holiday sales up in the coming week or so with some of these items again.


While the idea of the sale is nice, I’ve been wanting to know about the “Sold Out” status too.

I’m familiar with the All Designs tab and so I went and searched, for example, for the shirt “Sprinkles!” from this Baked Goods event:!

Neither of them show the shirt. No dice for “Cookie Kong” (or any permutation), “Cookie Factory” and so on.

I’ve been able to find nothing from this event that has trickled over into the “All Designs”.

Please make it so!


I can’t be the only one that is frustrating-ly checking back to see if any of these aprons are for sale again.

Great designs, love the apron option, really wish the “All Designs” wasn’t so limited.