New Designs: Cryptozoology

Yeay! Thanks Woot!


This happened at work today.

time to stock up on asphalt color in a kid’s size 8 - this is really annoying.

HAAA! That’s so awesome!

Chance you could post the design sizes for this one?:

I’ve emailed to see if we can’t get that info. It’ll be in the morning though.

There’s a creep show creature with a double feature
A freakish beast wants flesh to feast
A twisted fish eats surfers as a side dish
When you see the frenzied feeding you will be the next bleeding!

Sharktopus won’t be kept at bay
And you can never ever ever get away!
So swim on over don’t ya scream and shout
He’ll getcha baby without a doubt!

Any chance the honorees will get a code for a shirt of their design? I know it’s a holiday week, so hopefully we’ll still get a chance.

Got The Hoax for a friend whose b-day is April 1. I think he’s gonna love it!

Thanks APSketches, for a really fun design!