New Designs: Derby Near Misses Round 2

MJ’s “Create Your Own Adventure” is fabulous. I’ll have to get one of those.

May I ask which designs are iron-on and which are screen-printed?

Thank you.

All prints here are screened, or for designs with limited sales and from the back catalog, printed direct to garment. Woot does not use iron-on/heat transfers or any of that type.

Wow, surrounded by super talented veteran artists. Feeling so honored. Thank you for the print, woot gods.

¡Ay, yai, yai, yai, canta y no llores!

In ‘What do you see’ I see the panda, but I can tell there’s more. I just can’t make out what it is x.x

If you put it upside-down, you’ll also see a Panda bear, but upside-down, lol.

hahaha, there’s nothing more!

Oh lordy XD I almost want this to be a mask for the dude from Watchmen now!


I take it that that’s a new-ish policy? (I have several shirt.woot! shirts from before that are iron-on.) If confirmed, I would feel absolutely free to order much more.

Five amazing designs! Wonderful picks Travis.

Thank you for printing my mediocre design, Woot/Travis/printing people!

That was an amazing answer. Hahaha.

What shirts do you have that you think are iron-on? Woot’s never used iron-on transfers. Maybe there was some special iron-on derby that I missed. Ha. Or maybe you have some bootleg shirts.

Must be Nite’s subliminal powers. After I read the post asking the question,(with an owl in the signature), I can clearly see an owl in the panda’s throat.

Nice design Omar.

Not new; it was never policy to begin with. See Boots’ reply.

BTW, if anyone was ever wondering how DTG works in production, it’s kind of like this:

BootsBoots, Narfcake,

Lucky Park (The largest iron-on of all shirt.woot! shirts I have)
Xenophile (Free Hugs from Alien Face Hugger shirt)
(“I am nutritious. The cake is a liar.” shirt)
Your Ideas
Casual Friday
The Hunt
(2 tomatoes looking at X-ray scan w/ worm shirt)
(Woot! logo shirt)

The above is what I remember just off the top of my head.

Yeah, I’m pretty certain most, if not all, were screened and you’re confusing t-shirt printing techniques. Xenophile was never offered any other way.


Let’s recap. I wanted to know if which of these offered for sale in this round are screen-printed or ironed-on. You then asked which of what I have are ironed-on. I responded. You then state you choose to disbelieve me.

I really don’t know what to do now to obtain an accurate reply to my initial question. If you were never going to believe me, why ask in the first place?

Without giving away my plastic-y-design, and sticky when the weather is hot and I am perspiring, shirt, is there anything I may do or say to convince you?

… which I’m telling you is the screen print. Call it disbelief if you want, but Woot does not use iron-on or heat transfers.(*)

It’s what Woot uses and it’s very standard in the shirt printing industry.


    • The only “woot shirts” I’ve heard of using a heat transfer were knockoffs (aka the art was lifted) sold elsewhere.

Narfcake’s right. I’m pretty sure you’re talking about the shirts that are screen printed. Woot just doesn’t do iron on transfers (and the screen printing does feel a little plastic-y, I know what you mean). If you don’t like those, you could try ordering a shirt from the back catalog to see if you like it. Those are printed direct to garment (DTG) and not screen printed. Most people prefer screen printed shirts because the colors are a little brighter, but if you don’t like the feel of the screen print, you might prefer DTG.

To answer your question, I think the ones in this sale will be screen printed (which I think is what you don’t like). Eventually, they’ll go into the back catalog and be DTG printed, though. If you’re worried about a “plastic” feel and like “What Do You See” from the sale, I’d go ahead and order it. The thicker plastic feel comes from light inks being printed on darker shirts (and putting a white ink underbase down so the colors show up). I think one will be nice and soft and not thick, since it’s black on white. :slight_smile:

Oh, I just had a thought! I’ve seen people use screen printed transfers applied onto shirts. Screen printing inks are printed on transfer paper and then applied to the shirt with a heat press. The technique is similar to “iron on” but the inks are the same as screen printing. If you’re used to that type of “iron on,” that might be why Woot’s screen printed shirts seem like they’re ironed on to you. Also, you might just not like the type of screen printing ink Woot uses. There are different types, I think.