New Designs: Derby Near Misses Round 2

Bwahahahaha! Lemme inside your head!

My favorite thing of all which no one has commented on: has anyone looked at the sales stats on the Amigo Uno shirt? 11% bought 3 or more. I foresee a bunch of Cinco de Mayo or Halloween group costumes in the future. No other shirt has that many multiple sales.

Such a great shirt.

I feel kind of dumb, weird or on drugs now…lol…I could have sworn I was able to see a clown in the panda shirt…maybe I have an issue with clowns I didn’t know about before. Who knew I’d get therapy from Woot!

Is there really nothing else in the drawing? The more I look the more I THINK I see. Do I need to up my dose?(just kidding)

Shirt Woot doesn’t, and never has - since I’ve been working here (6+ years) print heat transfers. We don’t even have the equipment.

BTW, my left shoulder and forearms make a cameo appearance in that video at 0.37.

Woot used to send artists a coupon for sales like this, what happened with those?

It usually goes out toward the end of the sale, but the last HM coupon for me didn’t work so I haven’t gotten my gnome shirt yet and -for any woot staff listening- my “soap addict” shirt hasn’t found it’s way to the catalog yet either. So any help with either of those things would be appreciated.

Soap Addict should be in now… we’re steadily adding these now but some sales have had technical issues and still have to be manually moved in. We’ve got our team looking into the problem. I’ll see about getting you a coupon for Gnome.

Thank you, Mr. Gentry!

Then again…maybe we don’t?

Trav said he sent one to you yesterday and sent out the HM coupons for this sale today.

The one he sent yesterday was for my gnome shirt which was an HM sale and it worked! Yay! The one I never got (and what I think Omar was referring to) was THIS thread’s sale, the “derby near misses” plus sale, which was my amigo-uno shirt - for which I never received a coupon. I do not know if Omar or any of the other near-miss artists received theirs…

I didn’t either. Actually, I thought the sale was until yesterday, when it actually ended Monday. So, waiting for the coupon, I missed the sale and didn’t buy mine on screen printing :confused:

Ugh, that stinks. I actually wanted a few, so I had already ordered, but was still hoping for one more. Maybe they’ll screen print a few extra and you’ll be able to grab one anyway.

I find it hilarious that people are seeing more than the panda in there XD Maybe it’s a real test afterall!