New Designs: Famous Businesses

Some super choices ; )

Is the color variation on Charm School due to different blank brand? Or color variation within Anvil?

Yay! Super excited to get printed with the new HM system. Thanks a lot woot!

Just fyi it looks like there’s something up with the Dalek. Its like all of the black halftones have disappeared. Is that just an issue with the images on the page?

Thanks again, super excited!

I’m not sure of the difference myself, but it’d be good to know for future offers.

I’ll ping Shirt Staff and find out.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Excited to finally get my reaper shirt. What happened to the preview though? Why is the “Souls” text greyish?

Really surprised (and excited) that my Metal Gear Shipping printed. Woo-hoo!

My guess is that it’s color variation between the earlier custom-made-for-Woot stock and more recent we-actually-offer-more-color-choices-now Anvil stock.

How is the Dalek one a business?

What happened to “Walk ins welcome” … I expected to see it here… soo wanted that shirt.

I love Fablefire’s ‘Souls: The Spice of Life,’ because I love the grim reaper.

I just wish these were printed on things other than just t-shirts.

Color issue: we’re just transitioning our custom cranberry to Anvil’s new, pretty similar “independence red”, it’s basically the same, but will vary slightly from previous cranberry tees you’ve gotten from us before.

I’m with you - really, really wanted that shirt.

Me too. Glad you liked it though. Got hit with the “everyone in the fog but you” curse I guess…

Had we submitted it on time, we probably could have caught third, so ultimately it’s our fault. lol.

Also disappointing to not see “Neil’s Burgers” as an HM… that one was too funny. :slight_smile:

I like the charm school design. Wishing it was black… seems only fitting.

Spoiler alert… someone dies in Game of Thrones.

Thanks acraig. I went with the cranberry because Joff was always wearing cran and gold. Though, yes, I suppose black would have worked too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for printing my design woot! I am honored- This was such a fun derby!

I will also jump on the train wanting the MORDOR and NEIL’S BURGERS shirts- :frowning: Those were so classy!

I really love Joffrey’s and Jared’s designs. Great choices!!!

As a LOTR mega nerd, I am surprised Mordor is not there. And of course, a little sad that “Neil’s Burgers” missed the cut :confused:

Souls: The Spice of Life

I love it, makes me feel good 'n silly; the ‘souls’ are so cute! And I’m a sucker for cute so… more bunny shirts PLEEEAAAASSSSSSSEEE Fablefire!!!

Helloes! The preview image was distorted slightly because Illustrator is dumb. I fixed it though. Your print file is fine. :slight_smile:

@Fablefire: That text looks a little desaturated compared to the print file, but it doesn’t look gray on my monitor. I’ll see if I can do anything about it. XD